Leaking from the tap

Problem : The slush machine leaks regularly from the tap/dispenser assembly, solution below

Please perform regular maintenance as detailed below. Failure to maintain your machine in accordance with the Easy Start Guide, which came with your machine, will invalidate your warranty.

Snowshock cannot be held responsible for any repair costs (parts or labour) for equipment that has not been maintained in accordance with the Easy Start Guide.


Step 1

Remove Tap Assembly by, first, removing the pin and handle.

Step 2

Then push the spring down and extract the spring, spigot and double lip piston from the tap outlet.

Step 3

Once the components have been removed from the machine they can be inspected for damage/wear and tear, you may find that the double lip piston (Red or White) has a small tear in it on the edge. If this is the case then you need to order a replacement. If it is in good condition simply lubricate, please follow instructions below. (Please note the colour of your part may be different)

Step 4

Lubricate double lip piston by applying the approved Lubricant liberally to the part as shown. Ensure the lubricant is applied all around the outside of the double lip piston.

Step 5

Re-assembly is the reverse of disassembly, follow step 1 and 2 in reverse.

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