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Common Solutions

Leaky Machine?

Most leaks can be fixed by a good cleaning. Make sure you are removing any dirt or grime that may have built up or your seals as this is most likely what is causing the problem. Any marks or stains that cannot be removed may indicate that the seal needs to be replaced. Remember to lubricate the seals before they are replaced, failing to do so will cause the machine to leak.

Not Freezing?

One of the most common causes of the machine not freezing is a blocked air filter. The air filter can be found on the side of the machine opposite from the switches. By removing the panel you will find a foam filter, which should be cleaned in hot soapy water, and behind that a metal grill; which should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, taking care not bend the metal fins.

Clicking or knocking noise?

This can be a common noise, especially with new machines. The motors in the back of each barrel swing whilst the machine is cooling down. This can sometimes produce a clicking or knocking noise. There is no cause for concern as the noise will fade over a couple of weeks as the machine beds-in. However should the noise continue or worsen it may indicate a problem in the machine. Take a look at our noise section to find out more.