At the back of the machine or from underneath

Problem : The slush machine drips regularly from the back, this liquid is usually quite thick and can look like oil, solution below

Please perform regular maintenance as detailed below. Failure to maintain your machine in accordance with the Easy Start Guide, which came with your machine, will invalidate your warranty.

SnowShock cannot be held responsible for any repair costs (parts or labour) for equipment that has not been maintained in accordance with the Easy Start Guide.


Step 1

Remove Old Seals

To remove old shaft shaft seals you will need to empty all the liquid from the machine and remove the tanks, spiral and shaft boot from the machine.

Step 2

Inspect Shafts

At this stage we advise inspecting your shafts for signs of wear. Wear can be caused by lack of lubrication over a long period of time causing the metal on the shafts to wear away and simply replacing the seals does not work, replacement shafts may be necessary. Please ensure you inspect your shafts before fitting new seals.

Examine closely where indicated, the shaft should be the same thickness for its full length. If the shaft is not the same thickness and is ridged as shown in the picture (use your finger to feel the ridge) it will need replacing.

Step 3

Fit Seals & Lubricate

Apply a small amount of lubricant around the new shaft seal and insert into the machine. When fully inserted the orange seals will not be visible.

Apply lubricant where indicated and reassemble the machine.

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