Over Freezing -6 to -10°C

Problem : The slush machine is not freezing correctly, solution below

Please perform regular maintenance as detailed below. Failure to maintain your machine in accordance with the Easy Start Guide, which came with your machine, will invalidate your warranty.

SnowShock cannot be held responsible for any repair costs (parts or labour) for equipment that has not been maintained in accordance with the Easy Start Guide.


If the machine has recently start to over freezing there are a number of reasons why this may be the case.

If the machine has started freezing on the outside then is it most likely related to an issue with the mixture of the slush. For more information on how to resolve this please see our 'Mix Consistency' articles.

If the machine is freezing below -6°C or to the point where is freezes solid then please follow the steps below.

Step 1

Allow the affected side to defrost. Then place the affected side into the 'Chill Mode' (second position on the freeze switch). With the spiral rotating allow the side to run in Chill Mode for an hour. Then record the temperature.

Step 2

Now place the affect side into the Freeze Mode (first position on the freeze switch). With the spiral rotating allow the side to run for an hour, then record the temperature.

If at any point the tank freezes solid turn off the rotation, record the temperature and defrost the tank.

Step 3

Depending on your results please follow the next listed step:

Both the same temperature - Step 4

Colder in Freeze Mode than Chill - Step 5

Colder in Chill Mode than Freeze - Step 6

Step 4

If you are finding that both freeze and chill modes are causing the machine to over freeze or freeze solid then first made sure that the Freeze adjustment on the back of the affected tank is set to the top of the gauge. Then if the problem continues it is likely that a coil have gone in the machine. New coils can be purchased from our website.

Step 5

If the machine is showing as colder in the Freeze Mode than Chill this would suggest that a Limit switch in the machine has failed and would need to be replaced. Limit Switches can be purchased from our website.

Step 6

If the machine is colder in the Chill Mode than the Freeze Mode then it may indicate an issue with the thermostat for which an engineer may be necessary.

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