Is My Slush Machine Getting Enough Airflow?

Problem : The slush machine is overheating and no air is passing through it, solution below

Please perform regular maintenance as detailed below. Failure to maintain your machine in accordance with the Easy Start Guide, which came with your machine, will invalidate your warranty.

Snowshock cannot be held responsible for any repair costs (parts or labour) for equipment that has not been maintained in accordance with the Easy Start Guide.


A lack of air passing through the machine is usually caused by one of two thing:

1. The air filter is blocked and would need to be unblocked. For information on how to do this please see our 'Machine hot to touch' article to the left

2. There is not enough space around the machine to allow air to flow through it. For information on how to fix this problem and other possible cause please follow the steps below.

Step 1

Cold air is drawn into the machine from the left hand side and blown out of the machine on the right and back.

Step 2

In order for the machine to do this efficiently it would be necessary to allow a space of 25cm (10") all the way around the machine.

Step 3

It is also important to be aware of what is to the left of the machine as if the air being drawn into the machine is warm this will cause the machine to over heat.

For example if you put two Snowshock machines side by side you will notice the one on the right will not freeze as quickly. This is because the hot air from the left-hand machine is being drawn into the machine on the right and causing the machine to over heat.

Step 4

If the problem continues once these adjustments have been made or if you cannot feel any air flowing through the machine it may indicate a fault with one of the parts in the machine.

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