Squeaking Noise

Problem : The slush machine makes a squeaking noise, solution below

Please perform regular maintenance as detailed below. Failure to maintain your machine in accordance with the Easy Start Guide, which came with your machine, will invalidate your warranty.

SnowShock cannot be held responsible for any repair costs (parts or labour) for equipment that has not been maintained in accordance with the Easy Start Guide.


Squeaks are most likely to be caused by the spiral rubbing against the tank or friction created by a lack of lubrication. Ensuring the machine is clean and well lubricated will prevent Further issues.

Step 1

Ensuring the machine is unplugged, drain the machine and remove the tank.

Step 2

Check the white plastic spiral for wear or damage.

Step 3

Clean and lubricate each seal as well as the front of the tank where is spiral rest against it.

Step 4

Other things to try:

- Does the noise stop when you turn off the spirals?
- Does the noise only happen when the slush is freezing down?
- If you swap the spirals over (from one tank to another) does the noise follow the spiral or stay with the tank?

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