Snowshock Versus Jolly Rancher Comparison

Snowshock Versus Jolly Rancher Comparison

This particular article is a Snowshock versus Jolly Rancher Comparison. Our easy to digest comparison is designed to help prospective buyers make informed choices on the matter of outright profitability, which can sometimes be difficult to access.

We take the cost of a case of syrup* from each brand and break it down to the cost per serving of 16oz, which is roughly 500ml.

This will only give the cost of the syrup*. For a fuller comparison the cost of the cup and straw used could be added too. The cost of Jolly Rancher consumables were not available to make a comparison at the time of this article.

Cost per case Servings Cost per 16oz serving RRP Profit per cup Difference POR
Jolly Rancher £85.68 158 £0.54 £2.00 £1.46 72.89%
Snowshock £59.92 256 £0.23 £2.00 £1.77 Less £0.31 88.30%


  • Snowshock makes £0.31 more profit per every cup sold
  • Selling 10 cups per day would cost £1125 per year more for Jolly Rancher syrup than Snowshock
  • Selling 20 cups per day would cost £2250 per year more for Jolly Rancher syrup than Snowshock

To consider:

Of course there’s more to consider when choosing a slush machine supplier. Retailers will have to decide whether they expect to sell more of one brand than another due to it quality of flavour, appearance, brand awareness and reputation. Snowshock is the biggest brand sold in the UK by volume, which speaks for itself.  But if a retailer decides another recognised brand will result in increased sales, in this case the sales would have to be around 18% higher achieve the same profits.

Other considerations when choosing a supplier include:

  • Machine quality, warranty, back up & customer service
  • Quality of product, traceability, availability and range of flavours
  • Delivery charges

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*The prices of the syrup used to create a 16oz slush drink and are correct as advertised online 04.01.24 and may be subject to change.