Frozen cocktails

Slush and Cocktails for Pubs, Bars & Restaurants

Slush for Pubs, Bars & Restaurants is an opportunity that should not be missed.

Whether its used for kiddies slushy, cocktails and mocktails everything is possible with a Snowshock Slush machine.

Slush for kids

It’s simple, if a business has kids for customers they should sell slush! Why?

Because kids love it – We give our customers what they want right?

The profit – Snowshock slush will give you between 80 – 90% gross profit! Much more than other drinks.

Easy start-up – our machines come with a bundle of everything you need, including enough stock to return more cash than it cost, it’s a ‘no brainer’.



Snowshock slush machines can be used to create a range of quick serve cocktails too. Simply have a seperate menu, using slush as a base and get creative.

Single bowl machine with multi flavours for Slush

With a single bowl slush machine the bowl makes flavourless slush base and alongside this you have pump on slush flavours. The machine comes with a bottle holder for 4 flavours, you can easily go for 8 or 12 amazing flavours.

Multiple flavours of slush, such as Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Apple & Mango, Sour Apple and many more to delight your customers.


If its right for your outlet, you can also create a wide range of exciting, quick to serve cocktails too. Just add the alcohol / liquor of choice, add the slush ice, add the flavour & maybe a garnish or two and hey presto, a quality, tasty, impresive cocktail in seconds.

Two & Three bowl machines for slush

Two & Three bowl machines make individual flavours of slush in each bowl, ready to serve in no time at all, just pour and serve.


Up to three flavours ready to go, just add alcohol / liquor of choice, garnish and that’s it, quick, tasty, stunning cocktails. Combine two or three slush flavours in layers, for an even more impresive effect.

Theres more information on frozen cocktails here