Chill Out and Create Frozen Cocktails with Snowshock products.

Slush Machine to make Frozen Cocktails - here's how

Explore the versatility and flexibility of Snowshock’s slush machines, Using a Slush Machine and Specialty Slush Syrups to make Frozen Cocktails is a cinch.

Slush machines have a world of possibilities beyond just kids’ slushies! They can be a fantastic addition to your business, offering a wide range of refreshing and creative concoctions. From tantalizing adult beverages to unique frozen treats, Snowshock slush machines are your ticket to a world of icy delights. Explore the endless possibilities and let your taste buds run wild!

Lets have a look at just some of the possibilities.

Slush machine frozen, slushy cocktails made easy

Base slush ice

Using a flavourless slushy ice ‘base mix‘ in your slush machine gives you the platform to create any number of frozen alcoholic drinks. Any flavours from the full range of syrups here can be added afterwards along with the spirit of your choice. This is an incredibly versatile way of using a small setup to quickly make a wide range of options to satisfy your customers. The single machines are perfect for this. The image on the left shows examples of a quick and easy range of cocktails using flavours which can make regular slush or a great range of cocktails by adding alcohol and a slice of fruit.

Pre-mixed with speciality cocktail syrups

You can add the alcohol of your choosing to and of Snowshock slush syrups and use the slush machine to make ready to pour frozen cocktails. That’s right, take something like our premium Strawberry Slush Syrup, add White Rum such as Bacardi, an optional dash of lime and you’ve got Strawberry Daiquiri on tap to thrill your customers and what is more it only takes seconds to serve the drink, not minutes!

Straight from the bottle

Did you know slush machines will turn many alcoholic beverages straight into a frozen drink? There’s nothing else to do other than pouring it in and switching it on, it couldn’t be easier.

Popular options include:

Cider – all types including apple, pear, fruit varieties

Wine – Rose wine for Froze

Smirnoff Ice

Baileys – one of the most famous drinks in Las Vegas is the stunning Frozen Baileys! This vlog says it all!

Pre-mixed soda cocktails

Soft drinks such as Cola, Lemonade and tonic (so long as it is NOT the low or sugar free versions) can be mixed with alcohol and turned to slush by the slush machine. Simply pour it in, add the alcohol and the machine will turn it into an amazing frozen treat. Frozen Jack Daniels and Coke couldn’t be easier to have on tap & ready to go.

Pre-mixed fruit juice cocktails

Fruit juices add a more luxury element and can be easily turned in to quality frozen cocktails. Simply pour the juice, or combination of juices directly into the slush machine bowl, add the alcohol and let the machine do its work.


Frozen Cocktails - which machine?

Slush Machine to make Frozen Cocktails – Equipment

Choosing the best machine for you is all about what you want to make.

Small on space but want to introduce a great range of quick to make cocktails and also kiddies slush mocktails, go for the Single Machine with a selection of flavours in pump bottles from the models shown here.

Double and Treble machines are great, when you want to offer two or more ready to serve frozen cocktails. Using either, Slush Syrup, Soda or Juice and adding alcohol allows you to do this and you can change the recipe whenever you want to add variety.

Our high volume V-Dream machine is for those with serious demand. This model holds 25 litres of frozen cocktail – ready to go. Think music festivals, Sporting arena’s, very high footfall locations and large nightclubs, this is the machine for the Pro’s. The features of this machine match it’s stylish appearance and LED lit attractiveness.

Using a slush machine for alcoholic or fruit juice or both will require an adjustment to the freeze settings. For Snowshock machines the video on how to do this here

Slush machines need to be kepy clean and maintained regularly, the frequency of this is more often when fruit juice is used. For Snowshock slush syrups and base mix, it’s generally once per month, when fruit juice is used, at least once per week is advised.

Personalisation / Branding

All of the machines we sell can easily be personalised with your own branding. For larger orders we can work with you on this to create the look and feel of your business. Your machines will arrive fully branded.