How to clean a slush machine

How to clean a slush machine is an important piece of information for slush machine owners. Regular cleaning and maintenance is essential for long term reliability and to prevent leaks and breakdowns. Our video shows you step by step how to clean a slush machine. This is based on our Snowshock Regular commercial slush machine. If you have a different brand or model it should still give a reasonable idea of how other brands of slush machine can be cleaned and lubricated.


We recommend that a complete clean of all of the external parts should be carried out monthly, as well as on first use out of the box or out of storage. Also do this before packing it away – if you do that for seasonal reasons. The parts should be washed with bactericidal detergent, which is different to antibacterial detergent.

The external parts including drip trays, lids, side panels etc, should cleaned down with soapy water daily to keep it hygienic and appetising.


As well as cleaning the slush machine the correct lubrication when re-assembling the machine is essential too. Our video helps with that too. Here is a link to the correct lubrication that we sell here in the UK. We also sell seal kits, it’s great idea to replace seals once a year to make sure everything is watertight and good for another season (provided they are lubricated).

Replacement parts

When cleaning the parts of the slush machine inspect each piece, looking for damage or signs of wear. Anything you you need for your Snowshock slush machine will be in our spares category. Don’t buy these spares if you have a different brand of machine, they probably won’t fit, check with us first by using the website chat.