Regular Twin Slush Machine

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Best Seller
W47cm x D52cm x H81cm
Holds 120 cups when full (sml)
Perfect for medium demand outlets
Even Faster Freeze upgrade available; to reduce recovery time by up to 50%!

SnowShock’s best seller! Our Regular Twin Slush Machine comes with two x 12 litre tanks to offer 2 delicious slush flavours. With 120 cups output from being full, our most popular slush machine is perfect for medium / high volume outlets and is available at an unbeatable price.

from £2,198.00 (Ex VAT) £2,637.60 (Inc VAT)

Free Stock - worth £2500 to cover your outlay

Trade In

Trade in your old slush machine in against a new slush machine and get at least £50. Regardless if it's make or if it is working or not we will take it off your hands and dispose of it responsibly.

We will arrange and pay for collection and once its back we will credit your account with at least £50. If you have a genuine Snowshock machine to trade it is even better! We will give you up to £400 depending on its condition.

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Our Regular Twin Slush machine is great value. The product has a 2 x 12 litre tanks & high performance freeze capacity. This is ideal for those with medium turnover outlets or those looking for maximum visual impact. This machine is also available with even faster freeze upgrade to reduce recovery time by up to 50%! Perfect for high demand outlets. This machine comes with:

  • 12 months comprehensive on-site warranty
  • High performance freeze
  • Holds 120 cups when full (sml)
  • Easy set-up guide
  • Free Delivery

When purchasing your SnowShock machine you will receive free stock to cover its cost *@RRP. Choose from the following options:

Top 2 Best Sellers

16 free bottles of our 2 most popular slush syrups, shared between Blue Raspberry and Strawberry.

Top 4 Best Sellers

16 free bottles of our 4 best sellers, shared between Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Sour Apple and Sour Cherry.

Range of Flavours

Receive 16 bottles of our 6 top selling slush syrups, including Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Sour Apple, Sour Cherry,  Lemon & Lime and Mango.

All options come with

  • 500 branded regular cups
  • 500 domed lids
  • 500 Scoop straws
  • SnowShock Point of Sale material

Regular or Compact?

For high footfall outlet or outlets that have peaks in demand, for example after school, then our Regular machines are advised rather than Compact models. Regular machines hold 12 litres per container. This means keeping it filled is easier for busy outlets, running out at peak times is less likely than with one of our Compact machines.

The extra cost, in busy shops can represent only a few days sales and are less demanding on labour.

Twin or Treble machine?

Offering three flavours is highly recommended. It is quickly becoming the norm to offer three flavours as retailers look to get the edge over their competitors. By offering a better range, combined with Snowshock’s superior quality, you can clean up.

The Regular Treble machine is the top of the range and its performance is ample for very busy outlets.

Even Faster Freeze upgrade?

Not having your slush ready costs you sales and profit. We have a Faster Freeze upgrade available when you select your machine. These machines out perform all standard machines and are used in very high turnover outlets.

SnowShock’s Regular Twin Slush Machine offers the following benefits: NO PLUMBING REQUIRED, NORMAL 13AMP SOCKET IS ALL THAT IS NEEDED.

  • W 47cm x D 52cm x H 81cm
  • Economical – only 650w
  • 2x 12 litre tanks
  • Weight: 90kg aprox (when full)
  • High performance freeze, 35 – 45 mins
  • Holds 120 cups when full (sml)
  • Even Faster Freeze upgrade available for only £150! Reduces freeze time by up to 50%
  • Low energy nightime mode
  • Cable length 1½; metres

Use our simple mixing system to mix concentrate with water. Fill the machine and it will do the rest. You only clean & maintain it once per month and there is NO WASTE.

SnowShock offer affordable payment options to suit all our customers’ needs. The process is simple and you could have your machine in a matter of a day or two. Spread the cost of your new machine over 3 or 6 month.

Please call us on 0330 053 6132 (same price to call as 01 or 02 landlines – including from mobiles) today and our friendly customer services team will talk you through the process.

41 reviews for Regular Twin Slush Machine

  1. Benedict

    Great when the weather is good. Good profits too!

  2. Antony

    Customers love them and I love the profits!

  3. Nisa Local Fitzwilliam

    Good machine, easy to clean once you get used to it. very easy to fill and on a nice day is guaranteed to sell lots and with a great profit margin. Wish we had got one years ago.

  4. Premier Oakley

    Great machine! Very reasonably priced and syrup flavour choice is fantastic! Would highly recommend!

  5. Les @ Chard News

    Our machine developed what we thought was a serious fault. But thanks to the fantastic advice and help from Peter and ongoing support from Snowshock our machine is now fully functioning again, spotlessly clean and ready for action. Snowshock truly do look after their customers. All you have to do is look is buy all of your slush from them. And all with margins to make a retailer smile!

  6. philip c

    This is a great machine and easy to use much better than my old slush machine, large tanks for longer use in busy shop is really helpful as well.

  7. Nisa Local

    The machine is brilliant! Simple set up. The final product is excellent, as is the service. The best tasting slush on the market.

  8. Sylvia

    A great item so pleased I brought from snow shock ,I can use my machine summer & winter ideal for all sports ,can’t thankyou enough staff a brilliant help nothing was to much trouble for them ,looking into buying a second machine ,excellent service in every way .

  9. kevin hughes

    Can’t recommend the slush machine enough, working within an hour of delivery, easy to use and clean, people love it and plenty of advertising with machine buy one now . Make money. Simple.

  10. Bali

    Got it just in time for the heatwave June 2018. Got through the free stock within couple of weeks. Ordered second stock with 25% off. Bargain excellent service good quality slush

  11. Dave & Eileen

    This arrived yesterday on a friends recommendation. Really impressed, kids are love love loving it!

  12. Demers

    Machine is fantastic, slush tastes delicious.
    Selling loads of it, get one you cant go wrong

  13. Twin Slush

    Delivered on time , equipment definitely looks the part and slush with reduced sugar tastes fab everyone loves it looking forward to some hot days. Twister cups the way forward .clean down is so simple .so far so good .thanks .review by Margaret .

  14. Josie Costcutter

    Everyones talking about slush but I always thought it was too much hassle. It really isnt, I wish I’d bought it sooner! Snowshock are so well organised, from taking advice from Kelsie to ordering, to delivery next morning, to getting it on, it was all so easy. It was selling within an hour and hasnt stopped since. This is the best investment I have made in my shop ever!

  15. The newspaper shop

    Machine runs smoothly, easily operated and the slush tastes amazing compared to other machines I have tried.

  16. Jakes Convenience store

    Bought 1 for each of my Londis Stores. One shop sold 55 cups on first day and the other 81! My first 4 sales were to adults, not kids. i have to say the taste is amazing, even the smell is lovely too.

  17. Gurdeep

    Machine is easy to set up and maintain and is a fantastic addition to our store. We are located next to a school and the children love it, popular all year round and a must have for summer.

  18. KJ

    Loved my machine

  19. D & M FRASER (NISA LOCAL) Thurso

    We bought our machine and within 3- 4 weeks of having it the machine was paid for thanks to the free stock we received.
    Our nearest competitor has a different brand of slushy machine in their store and we have taken their customers away as Snowshock slush tastes superior. Its slightly more expensive but the price difference is it worth it for getting a better product and the customers can tell the difference.

  20. Mash Odedra/Lake Avenue store – Bury St Edmunds

    Order/Set up – ordered and arrived next day, took me about an hour to unpack, set up (load syrup and freeze) and start selling!!
    Payback – I paid off the machine with sales from free stock within just over 2 weeks!!! it really has been a massive hit
    Stock – I feel the brand is important so will always buy the cups, straws and syrup from Snowshock even though there might be cheaper products in the marketplace. Within a month my customers already recognise the brand, enjoy the taste and its selling really well.
    Ordering – the team are really helpful and always on hand for support. Being able to get my stock on the next day is a massive help! Thanks Snowshock guys for all your support!


    Speedy delivery of product and wasn’t disappointed when it arrived.

  22. Nisa Local Bankfoot

    We have been delighted with our new Snow Shock machine, the overall service has been excellent and our customers love the product.

  23. Thiru

    Good service

  24. Rich, St leonards Premier

    After weeks of thinking about getting a slush machine I finally decided to go for it, after 3 weeks of the machine been in I can honestly say it’s one of the best things Iv ever bought for my shop and will only get busier as the summer approaches!

  25. Wardle

    Bought this machine in June and sold through all of the stock we got when purchased.
    Customers response is ours tastes the best in the area, can’t fault the machine and the after service has been excellent.

  26. Meccy

    We have had one of snowshock slush machines for several years now and if I’m not mistaken were the first in our area. Other shops in the area had slush machines but customers would walk past there shop to come to ours because they said ours (snowshock) was far tastier and also cheaper than other retailers in the area. The sales of this product is excellent and definitely encourages people to visit our store ecpecially in warm weather sales are that good we struggle to mix the slush fast enough. The customer service at snow shock is fantastic and all the sales people are extremely friendly and helpful.
    Matt Metcalfe

  27. Andy Campbell

    After a lot of thinking about getting a Slush Machine I finally took the Plunge and went with Snowshock ! At First I was going to Purchase the Smaller Machine but after some advise from Snowshock I opted for the Spin 2( which really is a no brainier as the Free stock pays for the Machine!!) and its a good job I did as the whole package has created a Buzz around the Shop and its already starting to pay back our outlay !! The aftersales help and Support is second to None and with a life time parts Guarantee and one Year parts & Labour it also gives us peace of Mind ! The only complaint is I wish I would have done it Sooner !!!

  28. Mr.Gill

    Very happy with the machine, company and overall performance, sold plenty of slush made good money with it.

  29. excellent

    Love snow shock, what is there not to love about it, making me plenty of money, only had snow shock delivered 2 months and I have already made enough money to pay for it all, so now after buying stock its pure profit, wished I did this years ago

  30. Andy

    After receiving excellent advice from the SnowShock sales team, I went ahead and ordered a twin machine. The machine and stock were with me the following day…! However, the after-sales service has also impressed me, hence me taking the time to leave this endorsement of them.
    Kingsway Kiosks

  31. Nisa extra

    Just in time for the bank hol. Looks great,just need some sunshine?

  32. Simonsez

    Thank to the Snowshock lot, got this in time for easter. I paid for saturday delivery and they phoned to say it was coming on good friday instead! Cant fault anything, im a very happy dude!

  33. Triador

    Good strong design, very well built. Looks the part and makes an impressive display.

  34. Costcutter Briar

    nice looking machine 1/2 stock gone only got two week from now

  35. Top Shop

    I am very happy ordered monday morning delivered tuesady morning. Sold 113 cups on my first day


    Excellent company for arrive service and machine.

  37. Sunny

    Great service by the team and top machine.

  38. Jus

    Adds a bit of excitement to a small village shop! kids love it. Very happy with the machine – easy to maintain and straightforward, with a good selection of flavours too.

  39. Premier Doddington road

    Highly recommend to everyone. The returns on ��� are very good! Brings in customer as well!

  40. Costcutter Dollingstown

    We have had zero issues with the machine and they are great to work with! It�s a no brainer.

  41. Gugi

    I bought this machine in June last year…and I made my money back in just over 3 weeks !! I initially thought it would take a few months to make my money back depending on the weather but it just went berserk. My only regret is not buying one earlier.

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