Homemade slushies

Perfect Homemade Slushies

How to make the perfect homemade slushies

Making slushies on the kitchen table

With a little bit of preperation we can all make icey, fruity and refreshing slushies at home, perfect for those hot sunny days.

This recipe is so simple and all you need is a blender, why not try this Watermelon & Strawberry slushie?

Here’s one for the adults – this stunning Frose (frozen rose) only needs 4 ingredients to make this great grown up slushie!

You can also make Fizzy slushie just like the real thing? Make you favourite fizzy drink into to your summer favourite. All you need is ice, sugar and the fizzy drink of your choice. Find out how.

If you want to make homemade summer slushies even quicker, simply add slightly softened crushed ice to a kitchen blender, choose one of our commercial slush syrups diluted 4 to 1 with water and then blend. You can make at home all of the classic favourite slush puppie flavours such as Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Sour Apple and Classic cola.

As well as modern favourites like Bubblegum or Apple & Mango in fact any one of the huge range from Snowshock

Equipment to make slushies at home

There’s another simple way of making slush at home with a self slushing cup, you can put them in the freezer for a few hours or overnight. Then add the juice of your choice and watch it slush right in front of your eyes. The Chill Factor and the more premium Zuko and two of the best.

For those that really want to show off their homemade slushies you can actually buy one of the worlds smallest commercial slush machines for your home. The Snowshock compact single has to be the smallest commercial slush machine available today and at the lowest price. The machine makes a slushy ice which is mixed in the cup with the flavour of your choice. With each machine comes 8 or more slush syrups of your choice, cups, lids, straws, enough to make over 1000 drinks!