SnowShock Slush Syrup – Bubblegum 5ltr

Our 6th highest seller

Excellent value

Maximum taste and colour

Blue Bubblegum Slush Syrup is always popular with kids. With its vivid blue colour and distinctive sweet taste each 5 litre bottle can make 110 regular 300ml Slush drinks, delivering immediate profits.

£15.99 (Ex VAT) £19.19 (Inc VAT)

Blue bubblegum slush is a recent addition to our slush flavour range and has been an immediate success. The appealing blue slush colour and distinctive taste guarantees a hit. Our special formulas deliver maximum taste and colour down to the last drop and actually protects your slush machines moving parts, helping extend its life and increasing your return on investment.

Our #1 selling slush flavour
Each 5 litre bottle can make 110 regular 300ml slush drinks
At a RRP of £1.50 your return per bottle is £165
18 months shelf life
Zero sugar tax (SDIL) product
Vegetarian friendly
Vegan friendly

Allergen Information
Allergen and Intolerance Free