Custom Branded Slush Machines

Custom Branded Slush Machines

Strengthening your brand appeal to kids, who are essentially your next generation of customers is a smart move. Making a point of difference in this competitive world is essential – using custom branded slush machines is the perfect tool to do this.

Snowshock are the leader supplier of Custom Branded Slush Machines. All of the slush machine models can be custom branded to suit businesses large and small looking to personalise slush machines and make them their own.


Who should be doing this? Automotive brands, Holiday Parks, Family Restaurants, Drinks brands, Leisure outlets, Sports clubs, Hotel chains – all spring to mind, but hey this list is endless.

  • Imagine parents taking their kids to a car dealer who gives them a branded slush! That’s brand loyalty starting right there!
  • Or the holiday park that sell the best, most tasty slush around, that get the kids wanting to come back!
  • How about the Family Restaurant who leads with their famous slushies, garnished with fruit, sprinkles and a shot of cream, this is where the kids ask to go again and again!


Snowshock are the UK’s most experienced and customer focused slush supplier. Our expert staff will arrange the designs with you, working with your designers and supplying custom designs for your approval. Or we can create your design for you using your brand assets. Start now – fill out our contact form here and we will take it from there.

What about the slush?

We have options. Of course Snowshock’s amazing range of the highest quality slush syrups will suit many businesses. For larger businesses we can also develop custom slush products, tailored to your requirements. We can work with you to create the best colours and flavours to achieve something truly personal to your brand and give you ingredients choices to suit your profile.  Custom syrups are of course subject to MOQ’s, which are surprisingly manageable. Custom slush products come with custom labels, cases and barcodes if required.


As an option Snowshock can arrange printed branded cups, including barcode if required, subject to MOQ’s.

Ongoing support

Operators have the same easy to access, comprehensive support as all Snowshock customers. Immediate help including – online troubleshooting, video guides, text message, email, voice and video calling, whichever suits them best. We only sell the very best and most reliable machines on the market and should it come to it, we have a network of UK wide engineers ready to attend and keep you up and running.


Not only slush drinks for kids – your slush machines can be used to quickly create wonderful cocktails too!  Read more about cocktails here


Custom Branded Slush Machines are a powerful new marketing concept for your business, but no only that! Did you know the profitability is amazing too? The profit margin on you slush drinks will be around 85%. Meaning your investment will be repaid very quickly and go on to provide boosted profits for many years to come.

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If big name brands like those shown below customised slush machines, this is what they could look like.