Celebrating 20 years of Snowshock

Celebrating 20 years

Celebrating 20 years of Snowshock

2023 marks our 20th year as the premier commercial slush machine and slush syrups brand.

Wow we’re celebrating 20 Years of Snowshock! And we still feel like a young business. NPD, PD, new product launches, looking after customers and welcoming new customers everyday, it never stops AND WE LOVE IT!

Since 2003

Since 2003 Snowshock have been ‘striving to be the best’. We’ve earned our reputation as a friendly, caring, responsive group of people providing a great product that helps our retailers to be successful, thats basically who we are.

And it’s time to celebrate!

The business has always worked to it’s key values, ‘ Great customer service and the right products at the right price’. Values which run through the veins of Snowshock today and has promoted us to the premier supplier of slush in the UK. 20 years has flown by!

There’s more here about the history of Snowshock

Celebrating staff

Most of Snowshock’s staff are long term employee’s, more than half have been with us for 10 years plus. This is something to be truly proud of and you can be sure we will all be celebrating 20 years with our group of slush experts later this year (we’ll get the summer out of the way first)!

Celebrating customers

We owe it all to every customer who buys our products. Celebrating 20 years of Snowshock and it’s customers, independent retailer to large wholesalers, we value them all. So for 2023 we’re going to give better value offers than ever before. Look out for money saving opportunities, and extra rewards across the year and our 2023 celebration products will be great for you.

Celebrating suppliers

Celebrating 20 years of Snowshock is not complete without including our amazing suppliers from across the UK, Europe and the World. We have a number of suppliers that we’ve worked with since the beginning, nurturing our businesses together and supporting each other.

From our excellent transport company Moody Logistics 

To our Design partners Urban River design

To our specialist supplier of equipment

And our local fast print company for those little bits a branded business needs

There are many more and we appreciate you all.

Celebration Products

We are celebrating 20 years of Snowshock with the launch of Celebration Apple & Mango slush syrup for 2023 and it is sure to be a huge hit.

Celebration launch

Also for 2023 we are celebrating 20 years of Snowshock with the launch of our brand new version of Frappina Iced Coffee, the only dispensed iced coffee available today.

Snowshock’s range has grown over the years and now includes:

Snowshock commercial slush machines

Snowshock slush syrups

Fizzee carbonated slush machines

Frappina Iced Coffee dispensers

Frappina Iced Coffee concentrate

All of Snowshock’s products can be seen in action at this super stockist.