A Brief History of Snowshock

In 1997 professional salesman Peter Campbell saw a tiny advert in his local newspaper looking for an agent to sell frozen drinks in the North East of England, he liked the idea and took it up.

He noticed that the industry paid little attention to quality. He believed that the quality of the slush syrup is the starting point for a successful slushy business and he could do better.

Campbell started Snowshock in 2003. He didn’t let the fact he had no money to invest stop him, he begged and borrowed his start up funds and found a friendly bank manager.

By 2009 Snowshock Slush was a nationwide brand and by 2011 Snowshock was the preferred, authorised supplier to the majority of the UK’s convenience stores including Nisa, Costcutter and Londis, today supplying upwards of 4000 customers, sales are approaching £4.5m.

In 2019 Snowshock extended its range to serve a wider market. Iced Fruit a fruit juice based healthy slush sold in schools and leisure centres. Frappina real Iced coffee and Fizzee a carbonated version of slush (FCB). In 2020 the business relocated to a larger building to house its new state of the art production plant for slush syrups. 2023 marked 20 years in the business, which Snowshock celebrated with it’s staff, customers and suppliers. 

Anyone can buy one of their commercial slush machines and Snowshock are famous for throwing in enough stock to cover the cost.