2023 could be the hottest on record for the UK

2023 could be one of the hottest on record!

2023 could be the hottest on record for the UK!

Now that spring is finally here, lets have a look at the predictions for summer 2023

The Met office has confirmed that 2022 was the UK’s hottest year on record and 2023 could break that record!

In July 2022 the UK was heated by the air moving up through North Africa, Spain, Portugal and France for a prolonged period. This caused temperatures to soar well above average and parts of the UK reached a sweltering 41C.

Added to the ongoing climate change the planet is experiencing, many leading forecasters are predicting a return to the of the El Nino effect in 2023 which would increase average temperatures across the UK. El Nino describes the biggest fluctuation in the earths climate system and can have consequences across the globe, increasing average temperatures here in the UK too.

This is great news for businesses that are reliant on good summer weather such as tourism, seaside resorts like Blackpool, Cromer, St Ives and Newquay and many more who receive a welcome boost when summer temperatures sour. Ice cream and slush machines working flat out to the sound of the tills ringing is hoped for every year and 2023 could be a record. Staycation (taking holidays in the UK rather than abroad) is expected to remain high with cost of living pressures still hurting families pockets in 2023, as shown in research by Cofton Holidays.

Getting ready

They key for business owners is to prepare now. Ice cream machines can take up to 6 weeks from order to delivery. Its no good looking to cash in on the good weather when it arrives, it’ll probably be too late. Trying to get an engineer to commission it during hot weather is awkward too, this is their busiest time keeping the machines that are already out their working. Slush machines should ideally be in place well before the hot weather kicks in too. You need to know how to run the machine in normal time to get an idea of how to be ready for boom time. Also when the weather gets hot, demand for slush machines becomes a frenzy at a time when suppliers could be running their stocks down before the Autumn, you might not get the model you want or worse not get one at all. Think ahead on supplies too, slush syrups often run out at wholesalers when there’s a string of hot days. At Snowshock we dispatch same day for next working day delivery on orders before 2pm, but in the very peak of the season this can be stretched and we cannot guarantee our couriers will be on time when they are trying to cope with weather related delays. So the answer is think ahead to make the most of the sales opportunities hot weather brings.

If predictions come true Snowshock’s 20th year should be a record breaker for the business and it’s customers alike, read about Snowshock’s celebrations here