Win over Generation Z and Millennials with ice cold coffee

The value of iced coffee has grown by 18%. The Millennials and Generation Z are driving the trend.

Win over Generation Z and Millennials with ice cold coffee

In this week’s blog, we’re going to take a look at how the younger generations are making waves in the coffee market, and how you can grab their attention. We designed Frappino with younger generations in mind, putting their tastes and needs first as they leave fruity slush behind, and go for a more adult-focused beverage.

The iced coffee hype

The value of iced coffee has grown by 18% and accounts for 3.8% of all coffee shop sales! The Millennials and Generation Z in particular are responsible for driving the trend – hot coffee no longer has the appeal it used to as these generations are looking for new ways to consume caffeine.

Not only is iced coffee popular with the younger generations, but it is the preferred coffee for 10% of all coffee drinkers. Hot coffee may be the first choice of those aged 35 and up, but the numbers show that pretty much all coffee drinkers of all ages will indulge in an iced coffee from time to time. 60% of all coffee consumers drink a form of iced coffee at least monthly, so it’s popular with everyone.

Whilst hot coffee still has its place in the market, more gourmet and flavourful iced coffees found at their local coffee shops are really selling. In other words, younger customers are looking for an iced coffee that also has some sweetness paired with it to combat the bitterness of the coffee. An addition of some whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles (or one of our edible chocolate straws!) can turn your average coffee into a gourmet delight that really impresses younger consumers.

So, now we’ve established that iced coffee is very much ‘in’, let’s look at the different age groups and how you can appeal to them specifically.

Millennials (22 – 36 years of age)

Millennials account for 16% of all buyers of ground coffee – they really love their caffeine! And whilst they do still drink a lot of hot coffee, their iced coffee consumption is rising year on year.

As they are part of a young workforce, and are likely to have young families, it won’t come as a surprise that Millennials are much more likely to purchase iced coffee for a pick-me-up and specifically to gain energy. This is where convenience stores can really gain ground with this age group – as they appreciate the ability to grab-and-go. Being able to pop into their local corner shop on the way to work and pick up a cold coffee is exactly what this group need.

Despite their need for speed, Millennials aren’t prepared to sacrifice quality. Sustainability and quality matter to this age group – so ensure your coffee is Fair Trade and from a good source, like the Arabica coffee beans we use for Frappino.

Generation Z (Aged 22 and younger)

Here you have an age group who are really loving the iced coffee trend. Some of them are right in the middle of drinking slush and looking to move into something more adult, and some are students ready to drop fruity, youthful beverages for something stronger. Even teenagers are starting to appreciate coffee shops – the numbers show that they are drawn to cold, milkshake-like coffee with an added sweetness to help them become accustomed to caffeine. 

Generation Z are shunning pop and sodas – with bottled water, coffee and tea being their top three beverage choices whilst on the go. They’re also saying goodbye to energy drinks, with only 8% choosing them as a cold caffeine option. Like the generation before them, sustainability is of high value to them, which is why we ensured our Frappino was made with only Fair Trade coffee beans. And yes, they will notice. This age group is overwhelmingly the most likely to read labels of the food and drink they consume.

On campus is where iced coffee really shines. The top on campus to-go beverage was coffee, at a huge 49%. It’s no coincidence that we’ve seen amazing performance from our Frappino machines in colleges and universities.


We love iced coffee here at Snowshock and, after 15 years of providing premium, award-winning Snowshock slushes to delighted customers across the nation, we decided it was time to try to make the perfect iced coffee ourselves.

Our iced coffee, Frappino, is aimed squarely at coffee lovers of all types, but particularly the younger generations. We’ve ensured that Frappino is everything they’re looking for – quality, sustainable ingredients, quick to make with extra luxuries like our edible chocolate straws and with an added sweetness to counteract the bitterness of coffee.  

We offer bundle deals with every dispenser, with enough stock to cover its outlay, and you can rely on support from our customer service team if you need anything from us. Order a Frappino machine today, and you could be selling iced coffee tomorrow!