Why pay more for slush? Alarming revelation!

Why pay more for your slush? We uncover alarming figures relating to cheap slush. Don't damage your profits!

It’s alarming, unaware customers can be drawn into buying cheap slush for their slush machines, thinking they will save money that way.

We reveal the facts; this is the best way to lose money, and lots of it! To save £3 on a bottle of slush equates to just 1.8p per cup. However, if you sell less because the kids don’t like it, you start losing money at a scary rate.

Just a 5% drop in sales and you are out of pocket! A drop in sales that you would hardly notice, but will have significant long term effects. We have seen sales drop by 50% or more and sales actually fading away to nothing, because the kids won’t buy it. A 50% drop in sales is lost profits of £67 per bottle, leading to serious long term problems selling your slush and making the most of your slush machine investment.

For the highest possible profits, you need to sell the highest quality, best tasting Snowshock slush and not be tempted by cheap rubbish – leave that to the unaware retailer and give yourself a serious edge.

Our top of the range Slush Machines can give excellent service for 15 years or more, and with our free parts warranty, 1.8p per cup buys you peace of mind that we will look after the machine for you.

Retailers should be reassured that you cannot receive a better service than from Snowshock, in addition to offering a free warranty for all of our slush machines.

Join our retailers who swear by our products and make REAL profits from slush.