Wholesalers Missing Out On Slush Sales

Wholesale missing out

The UK’s grocery wholesalers are missing out on slush syrup sales and probably don’t know just how big the opportunity is.

The slush syrup market is interesting! Slush was first introduced by Slush Puppie in the 1970’s and there was only one place to get it- from them. In the 90’s a handful of brands were around, but it was the same, if you’ve got their machine, you buy your slush supplies from them.

Like all markets, they don’t usually stay ‘closed’ for long and eventually the market opened up. With the advent of Ebay and buying on the internet in general, the purchase of slush syrups moved online and stayed that way until recently.

Some businesses including Snowshock are thriving online, but what about wholesale? Surely retailers would rather buy it from the Cash & Carry where they get everything else, a bottle ot two at a time, as and when they need it? As opposed to having to think ahead and stock up with a large order to get the best prices.

Snowshock have proven that retailers find it far more convenient to use their wholesaler, no more boxes full of slush in the stock room, no more lost deliveries and no more getting caught out when it’s sunny!

Snowshock’s customers including Booker and many other wholesalers are consistently growing their sales year on year.

This is great news for retailers of slush too, the price to make a drink of slush has never been lower. The open market and competition has driven prices down and an already profitable product is now super profitable, typically costing less than 20p to make a £1.50 slush!

Snowshock have a great offer for new wholesalers including a low minimum order, free stock and although they doubt you would need it SOR too.  Only 6 SKU’s gets you 85% of what your customers want and Snowshock’s quality comes at the right price, no one company is better placed to make sure you capture this opportunity.

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