What’s your favourite colour?

What's your favourite colour? Scientists have spent years searching for the answer to why people choose their favourite colour.

Scientists have spent years searching for the answer to why people choose their favourite colour.

Some people choose the colour of their favourite sports team, others a memorable piece of clothing they can’t bear to part with whilst some love the beauty they see in nature each day and that is reflected in their choice.

Or maybe it is all down to the colour of their favourite Snowshock slush.

Whatever your favourite colour, we have a Snowshock slush syrup for you.


Did you know that 42% of men and 29% of women stated blue as their favourite colour?

Is it any wonder that it is the world’s favourite colour when we have Blue Raspberry flavour syrup along with Blue Bubblegum? Which kid hasn’t stuck their tongue out proud of the fact it is bright blue after tasting one of our Snowshock slushes?

For the grown-ups, we also have the classic Blue Lagoon Frozen Cocktail syrup with its distinctive Blue Curacao colour, just add vodka to make this classic drink.


Sour Apple and the classic freshness of Lemon and Lime represent the green corner. A quarter of men chose green as their favourite colour and the boys will be rushing for these fabulous flavours.

Green has always been a signifier of healthy food and Lemon and Lime is also a firm favourite in our Iced Fruit range.

Green was also very popular with cocktail drinkers with Mojitos being named one of the nation’s favourite cocktails and Margarita also being in the top ten. Each five-litre cocktail syrup bottle makes up to 110 regular 300ml slush drink meaning immediate profit for you and leaving your competitors green with envy.


Purple was a surprising favourite with 29% of women. Maybe that is down to our Dark Cherry slush syrup or Apple and Blackcurrant from our Iced Fruit range.

Whatever their choice, it will see a purple patch for your profits.


Strawberry Slush and Sour Cherry slushes may both be red but the tastes couldn’t be more different.

Strawberry is so popular that it also appears in our Iced Fruit range and add white or dark rum to our Strawberry Daiquiri slush syrup for the perfect fruity cocktail.


Our Mango & Orange 75% fruit slush syrup offers a refreshing slush full of fruity goodness.
In our classic Slush Syrup range, orange features heavily where we have Mango, Exotic Fruit and Scotland’s favourite, Irn-Bru flavour. With 77% profit in each cup it will become your favourite too.

For information on any cocktail or flavour combination, please contact us at Snowshock to help add some colour to your day.