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What’s new with slush?

Slush has come a long way since it first began, and slushie technology is getting better all of the time. Let's take a look what’s new with slush.

What’s new with slush?

Slush has come a long way since it first began, and the technology is getting better all of the time. We like to think we’ve got slush perfected – but there is always room for innovation! Let’s take a look what’s new with slush.

Fizzy slush

We love pop, so why don’t we see more of it in slush? Well, it’s actually quite a complicated process. Simply mixing pop with ice doesn’t work, there’s more chemistry at play. But, we are already seeing some fizzy slush machines on the market, and they are a whole new experience. The mixture of an ice cold slush with the pop and fizz is an electric combination!

At home machines

Not so long ago, if you wanted a slushie at home…well, you were limited to what you could get! Some people have tried mixing ice in a blender with their favourite juice but we can tell you from experience that that just isn’t the same (and if your blender blades aren’t strong enough, you could regret it!). Our slush syrups are made specifically for ice cold slush too, so even if you try to make it at home, you’re not going to get the taste you’re looking for. However, at home slush machines are starting to pop up. We’ve seen this before, usually in the form of cheap plastic toys, but now we’re seeing solid (albeit very small) machines that can proudly sit on your kitchen bench. They’re pricey, but if you really love your slushies, you should now be able to buy one!

Instant slush

This sounds a bit weird (isn’t all slush instant after all?) but we’re not talking about the classic ice and syrup mix. We’re looking at syrups being injected with a powerful, cold blast to turn them into slush within seconds. Several manufacturers have been working on this for some time, so that you can grab your favourite drink (whatever that might be) and turn it into a slush within seconds!

Healthy slush

With the newly imposed sugar tax and with more and more people looking to take care of themselves, healthy slushes are on their way and it’s about time too! Here at Snowshock, we stock Iced Fruit, a great drink for kids in particular which provides one of your five a day. Everyone loves a healthy, nutritious alternative whilst still being able to enjoy their favourite beverage.

Alcoholic slush

Frose has been around for a while now – that’s a rose wine slush for those who aren’t in the know. Alcoholic slush is an adult twist on a childhood favourite and is particularly enjoyed by those who aren’t in the mood for the bitter taste of some alcoholic drinks. Cocktails are more frequently provided in slush form and are a hit in pubs and clubs, mainly because they are so quick and easy to make. We’ve tapped into this market with our Frozen Cocktail machines and syrups, we have a variety of popular cocktail flavours like Mojjto, Strawberry Daiquiri and Margarita.

What’s new at Snowshock?

We’re all about slush innovation here at Snowshock, which most of you will already know thanks to our recent win of the Great New Idea award! It was our famous Frappino machine that caught the eye of the judges, bringing ice cold coffee to the convenience store market in an easy to use dispenser. Being the number one leading slush provider in the UK, we’re always a step ahead of slush innovations.