What is your slush name?

Here at Snowshock we love a new slush product and most of all, we love thinking up new slush names. Find out what your name would be if you were a slush.

Here at Snowshock we love a new product and most of all, we love thinking up new names.

For a little bit of fun, find out what your name would be if you were a slush.

Take the first letter of your forename.

A = Frosty

B = Classic

C = Retro

D = Extreme

E = Lip Smacking

F = Cool

G = Amazing

H = Exotic

I = Mega

J = Carnival

K = Sublime

L = Seriously

M = Limited Edition

N = Incredibly

O = Magnificent

P = Spectacular

Q = Wonderful

R = Phenomenal

S = Remarkable

T = Astounding

U = Stunning

V = Extraordinary

W = Miraculous

X = Thrilling

Y = Astonishing

Z = Wonderful

Take the first letter of your surname.

A = Orange

B = Lemon and Lime

C = Mango

D = Strawberry Daiquiri

E = Irn-Bru

F = Bubblegum

G = Cherry

H = Cola

I = Sour cherry

J = Apple

K = Lemonade

L = Blue Lagoon

M = Mango & Orange

N = Lemon

O = Margarita

P = Fruit

Q = Orange & Mango

R = Strawberry and Lime

S = Energy

T = Sour Apple

U = Strawberry

V = Mojito

W = Lime

X = Sarsaparilla

Y = Raspberry

Z = Pineapple

And your birth month

January = Delight

February = Blast

March = Cocktail

April = Burst

May = Eruption

June = Surge

July = Mix

August = Blast

September = Cocktail

October = Slush

November = Burst

December = Slush

What did you get?

What would the stars be if they were a slush?

David Beckham = Extreme Lemon & Lime Eruption

Kylie Jenner = Sublime Apple Blast

Simon Cowell = Remarkable Mango Slush

Taylor Swift = Astounding Energy Slush

Paul McCartney = Spectacular Mango & Orange Surge

This was only a bit of fun (we put a little more thought into our names) but we are always looking for new flavour combinations at Snowshock. Are there any flavours that you would like to see?

What are your customer’s favourites from our current range? Is it the Seriously Sour Apple Slush or the Extreme Blue Raspberry Slush or maybe it is the Mojito Cocktail from our Frozen Cocktails range?

Snowshock has over twenty flavours to choose from so whatever your customer’s preference, we have something to suit their taste. Whether it is an old favourite like Strawberry Blast or a Limited Edition like Raspberry Lemonade, there is something for everyone.

Speak to our fantastic team at Snowshock today about how you can have a Snowshock slush machine in your store tomorrow. They may even tell you their slush name.