What is in Slush Syrup? | Snowshock

Slushies are a deliciously refreshing drink. Here at Snowshock, we provide our customers with premium slush machines and syrups. Our slush syrups come in a variety of popular flavors, from strawberry to bubblegum and coca cola. But what is slush syrup made of?

Is slush syrup vegan?

The answer is simple: yes! Our slush syrups are 100% vegetarian- and vegan-friendly . We do not use any animal products, so our frozen beverages are completely cruelty-free and ready to be enjoyed by the whole family.

What is in slush syrup?

Snowshock slush syrups are packed with flavour. The drink may be jumping with juicey flavour, but our recipe is actually quite simple. There are two main ingredients: a slush base and a flavored syrup.
The slush base is a sweet, smooth syrup. This is mixed with flavored syrup to create the scrumptious slushies we love to drink. Sugar, or fructose, is the binding agent that makes the slush consistency perfect.

Who can drink our slush syrups?

Once blended with ice and water, our slush syrup can be enjoyed by anyone with a sweet tooth. We have a line of mocktail syrups – from mojito to strawberry daquiri and margarita – that contain no alcohol. Although, they can be mixed with spirits to create alcoholic slushies.
If you ever have any questions, from “is slush vegan” to “what is slush syrup made of” and beyond, feel free to contact our customer support team on 0330 053 6132.