Frozen cocktails

V-Dream High Capacity Frozen Drinks Machine

Introducing the V - Dream

The V-Dream frozen drinks machine is designed to streamline the process of making premium cocktails, mocktails, sorbets, and slushies. It aims to eliminate the time-consuming aspects of manual preparation, reduce wait times, and enhance the overall guest experience. Here are some features and benefits of the Carpigiani V-Dream machine:

  1. Efficiency: The machine is designed hold a plentiful supply frozen drinks. This can significantly reduce the time it takes to prepare each order, helping to prevent long queues and wait times.
  2. Consistency: The V-Dream machine ensures consistent quality in each drink it produces. This is particularly important for maintaining the premium nature of the offerings and ensuring guests receive the same experience every time.
  3. Variety: The machine is capable of making a wide range of frozen beverages, from cocktails and mocktails to sorbets and slushies. This versatility can cater to a diverse range of customer preferences and demands.
  4. Ease of Use: The user-friendly design of the machine makes it easy for staff to operate, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring that drinks are prepared correctly every time.
  5. Capacity: With an 18Ltr chilled reserve tank and a 7 ltr main barrel this truely is high capacity. Allowing it to produce a large volume of frozen drinks in a short amount of time. This is especially useful during busy periods or events.
  6. Presentation: The Carpigiani V-Dream machine is beautifully designed to create visually appealing frozen drinks, enhancing the overall presentation and aesthetic of the offerings. This contributes to the premium feel of the products.
  7. Reduced Waste: The machine’s controlled overnight chill feature allows the product to stay fresh for an extanded amount of time.
  8. User-Friendly Maintenance: Carpigiani machines are known for their ease of maintenance, with features that make cleaning and upkeep relatively straightforward.
  9. Brand Experience: Utilising the Carpigiani V-Dream machine creates a unique and memorable brand experience for customers. This can help businesses stand out and build customer loyalty.

Overall, the Carpigiani V-Dream frozen drinks machine is designed to provide a solution for businesses looking to efficiently offer a variety of premium frozen beverages without compromising on quality. Its automation, consistency, and customisation options can enhance customer satisfaction and streamline operations.

For a fast and personal service at the right price, you can purchase your V – Dream here. In the knowledge that you are buying from one of the UK’s most trusted, friendly and professional slush drinks machine companies in the UK.

Main features

  • Dimensions 830(H) x 400(W) x 770(D)mm
  • Construction – Stainless Steel
  • Warranty 1 Year Parts & Labour
  • Weight 99kg
  • 7 Ltr barrel – approx. 28 servings ready at any given time
  • 18 Ltr reserve tank – approx. 72 servings chilled ready for freezing
  • No downtime when topping up
  • High capacity – 125 x 400ml servings per hour
  • Stylish LED lighting helps promote sales
  • User-friendly touch controls with digital display
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The bar concept inside of Leno Ex Machina. A monumental festival of rum and specifically, The Daiquiri, in all its glorious forms – Classic, artisan and 49 frozen combinations of Daiquiri pouring from the 14 frozen daiquiri machines, which dominate the huge central bar and stage.

This is a great example of the V – Dream doing exactly what is was designed for. A Huge range of exquisite frozen cocktails on tap, ready to swiftly serve hoards of customers. Less time preparing cocktails = quick service & happy revellers, all good new for the bottom line!

V-Dream in action