Tips for up-selling slush

Up-selling slush

There are some great ways to harness the selling power of slush, to make you more money and to delight your customers. Use novelty cups, additions and seasonal or event based promotions, maybe a bit of imagination and your on your way.

Novelty yard cups are a popular and lucrative way of up-selling slush drinks. They are hardwearing and reusable so to the consumer they are value for money, considering they can be used again and again. Most retailers offer refills too, which saves on single use cups and straws. The margin at RRP is around 75% which is very nice.

They can be used for special events a seasonal promotions by simply filling with colours that match the occassion. Blue Raspberry and Lemonade which is white for example are the colours of many football teams and rugby teams. Red, white and blue coloured slushes for the Queens Jubilee in 2022?

See novelty cups here


Using confectionary to add extra excitement and up-sell your slush is easy. Popular additions for your customers to customise their drinks are popping candy and sherbet. Sell small packets of these alongside your slush and you’ll be suprised how many pick them up.

What about candy straws? Kids love them, the tasty crunchy strawberry flavoured candy straws are a real hit and also make a good extra profit as well as making the experience fun, you can easily make 50% or more on these.

Edible Straws

Seasonal promotions

Seasonal promotions are brilliant for bringing attention to your slush, why wouldn’t you when the margins are so high? Snowshock’s popular Halloween promotion extends your selling period to the end of October and brings in welcome extra sales for the time of year. There are special Halloween flavours, combine these with novelty cups and some additions and you have a brilliant promotion to liven things up at this time of year when spending on Halloween just keeps going up.