Unlocking the workforce talent

Upskilling - everyone wins

The policy of upskilling their workforce and unlocking the talent, has brought 4 valuable benefits to Snowshock and it’s employees.

Despite growing quickly over the last 10 years and having to their up-size premises 4 times, Snowshock still find time to invest in it’s staff with great results.

The business has a supportive and encouraging culture and promotes the constant development of products & processes and it’s staff, all with equal vigour.

“There’s always someone learning something at any given time here and we are proud of that. It’s about making their time as fulfilling as we can whilst they are with us. Everything should me moving forward all of the time, including employees. It helps us get the best out of our people and is a strong driver of our continuous growth” say’s Peter Campbell, Founder & Commercial Director.

From NVQ’s to degree’s age or seniority isn’t a barrier. There are currently two employees on degree courses funded by the business. One started as an apprentice at 16 – five years ago and is on her way to a Business Management degree. The other is the MD, who already has an honours degree under his belt”.

4 benefits

  • Employee Retention

If staff feel their employer cares for their personal growth and development, supports and encourages them, their job satisfaction increases. Job satisfaction is at the top of the elements that influence job retention. Employees that are shown how their contribution to the business improves with experience and learning, feel secure in their roles and makes them less likely to leave. The cost of losing experienced, skilled staff is something businesses should wish to avoid. The majority of Snowshock’s staff are made up of those taken on as the business grew and have stayed since, resulting in a team with many years of experience and genuine experts in their field.

Workplace morale and productivity

The atmosphere created by teams who feel positive about their roles is a powerful force. The productivity of a workforce directly influences productivity and creativity. Without a good workplace morale growing businesses falter, with a good one the sky’s the limit!

High customer satisfaction

Customers must have a good experience if you want them to stay loyal. Staff enjoying their jobs and feeling motivated about the business they work for, show it when interacting with customers. Snowshock are often told, by some of their most demanding corporate customers that they are the best to deal with, whether its sorting out problems, admin mistakes or last minute orders, it’s done efficiently and with a smile.

Skills acquisition

Employers committed to upskilling find it easier to attract new employees. If there was a choice which would you choose? The company who cares about your future or one that doesn’t?

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