Unlock Sweet Rewards

Earn loyalty points for cash

Understanding Loyalty Points on Snowshock’s Website

Are you a trade customer looking to enhance your offerings of delicious slushies to consumers? Look no further than Snowshock’s website! Not only do they provide top-quality slush machines, syrups, parts, and accessories, but they also offer a lucrative loyalty program tailored just for you.

How It Works

With Snowshock’s loyalty program, every purchase you make translates into valuable loyalty points. For every pound you spend, you earn loyalty points. Here’s the scoop: 1 loyalty point is worth £0.20. This means the more you invest in your slush business, the more points you accumulate, boosting your rewards potential.

Sweet Rewards

But what can you do with these loyalty points? Well, they’re your ticket to unlocking discounts on future purchases. Picture this: as you stock up on slush machines, syrups, and other essentials, you’re also earning points that lead to savings on your next order. It’s a win-win for your business and your bottom line.

How to Get Started

Getting started with Snowshock’s loyalty program is as simple as mixing up your favorite slush flavor. Just create an account on the Snowshock website, and you’re automatically enrolled in the program. From there, every transaction you make contributes to your points balance, bringing you closer to reaping the rewards.

Keep Track of Your Points

Wondering how many points you’ve racked up so far? No need to fret. Just log in to your Snowshock account, and you’ll have instant access to your loyalty points balance. It’s like having your very own dashboard for tracking your slush-related rewards.


At Snowshock, they understand the value of rewarding their trade customers. With their loyalty program, every purchase you make contributes to your points balance, which can then be redeemed for discounts on future orders. So why wait? Start earning loyalty points today and take your slush business to new heights of success!

Ready to start earning points? Head over to Snowshock’s website, explore their extensive range of slush machines, syrups, and accessories, and let the rewards begin!