Top 5 Things you should look for in slush

If you own a slush puppie machine or if you’re thinking about buying one there are a few pointers you should consider when deciding what slush product to use with it.

Snowshock Slush provides 5 useful tips on what to look for when buying slush.


One of the most important things to consider when buying a slush product is quality. Cut price slush may seem like a good idea but as the saying goes ‘buy cheap, buy twice’. You need a superior slush that you can rely on. If someone is selling ridiculously cheap slush then they have probably compromised on quality so steer clear!  That’s not to say you can’t find low cost quality slush. There are plenty of decent slush providers (Snowshock being one!) who offer good value for money slush that is of the highest quality.

Great Taste

This may seem like an obvious thing to look for in slush stock but it’s surprising how many people who buy slush machines completely forget about or aren’t bothered about taste! Perhaps initially they’re too focused on the machine itself and taste isn’t top on the list of priorities. Choose a poor tasting slush and you’ll most definitely risk losing repeat business from customers. Opt for a great slush product with a long lasting flavour that stays until the very last drop and you can be sure that customers will keep coming back over and over again.

Extensive Flavour Range

Look for a slush supplier that can keep you stocked with a wide range of flavours. Sure red and blue slush are popular but your customers like variety so it’s good to mix things up a bit! Keep up with current trends to maximise your profits. Can your slush provider offer you seasonal slush? For example a spooky slush syrup flavour is certain to maximise your profits around Halloween.

Complement your Slush Machines

Did you know the slush syrup you buy can have an affect on your slush machine? Low quality slush can potentially damage your machine so only use suppliers who sell specially formulated syrup. The benefit of special formula syrup is that it has built in machine protection which gives longer life to your slush machines working parts, saving you money and downtime.

Return on Investment

You obviously want a great return on investment from your slush product and machine otherwise what is the point in having it? Seek a slush specialist who can prove to you that their merchandise will give you amazing profits and a definite return on investment.

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