Top slush flavours to be a hit this summer

We take a look at our most popular slush flavours over the summer months, and which slush flavours are to be a hit this summer.

Top slush flavours to be a hit this summer

Temperatures are soaring, the sun is shining and your Snowshock slush is flying off the shelves! We take a look at our most popular flavours over the summer months, and which flavours are likely to be a hit during the summer season this 2018.

Extreme Blue Raspberry and Strawberry Blast
A classic that is popular with everyone! It reminds the adults of their childhood and for kids…well it’s just great tasting. Whether you like to mix your slush into a yummy purple or drink each colour at a time, there is no denying that raspberry and strawberry are summer hits!

Hot weather always makes us crave traditional summer fruits, and a classic blue and red slush will make your customers feel like summer has definitely begun.

Carnival Exotic Fruit slush
Have an exotic holiday planned? A true taste of the tropics, our Exotic Fruit slush syrup expertly blends orange, peach and pineapple for a uniquely thirst quenching and delicious slush drink. It’ll get you in the mood for jetting off to faraway lands. This is the perfect drink for a chilled summer evening on the beach.

If you want to really wow your customers, we have a tip for you. Pair Carnival Exotic Fruit with Strawberry Blast – pour Strawberry Blast into the cup first, then the Carnival Exotic Fruit and you will have created a gorgeous summer sunset – in slush form! Hands up if you want one!

Retro Classic Cola slush
The instantly recognisable taste of Cola will delight all your customers – and cool them down too. Our favourite thing about this flavour is it can be mixed with pretty much any of our other flavours (we recommend teaming it with Lip Smacking Sour Cherry or Seriously Sour Apple) so it’s a great syrup to put in one of our triple machines. It tastes amazing alone too, and is loved by everyone.

Mega Bubblegum slush
Our #1 selling slush flavour! Mega Bubblegum slush. This is a huge hit with kids, so make sure you have it in stock in time for the school holidays. Kids love the distinctive colour and it tastes incredible. It’s one of our newest additions to the Snowshock range and has quickly moved up the ranks to number one. Team it up with a sunny afternoon at the fair and we think that makes one perfect day!

Limited edition Raspberry Lemonade
Our new limited edition flavours will wow your customers and you will love them too. Raspberry Lemonade slush is a perfect pairing of irresistible summer flavours and so refreshing that it will cool you down on any hot day. Remember – this is limited edition, so order soon!

Yes, you heard us right – Coffee! Iced coffee sales go crazy with rising temperatures. Nobody wants a hot coffee on a warm day…but everyone wants a caffeine kick! The value of iced coffee has grown by 18% and with our brand new, award-winning Frappino, you can offer it to your customers. Made with only the finest Arabica beans, Frappino gives a satisfying caffeine hit alongside a smooth, refreshing, pleasantly sweetened, satisfying beverage.

Snowshock sales are set to go wild this summer (as it’s predicted to be a hot one!) so make sure you’ve got everything ready in time. We’ve got some fantastic deals on machines – so now is the time to upgrade, or make your very first Snowshock purchase.