The future of slush machines

Demand for slushies and slush machines has never been higher and it’s not just down to the recent heatwave. We take a look at the future of slush machines.

Demand for slushies and slush machines has never been higher and it’s not just down to the recent heatwave. With an increase in both the quality of product and the variety of options available, the slush drink now appeals to every demographic when it previously only appealed to excitable children.

Here at Snowshock, we know a thing or two about keeping ahead of slush trends. Below, we have a look at the future of slush machines.

Contactless payment

There was a time when cash was king but with everything from your debit card, to phone and even your watch being contactless, cash is quickly becoming redundant. With some slush machines already being self-service, the next logical step is to make paying for the slush a seamless process.

Choose your options from size, flavour and accessories, tap your phone against the reader and you can enjoy the great taste of your slush straight away without having to queue with other shoppers; saving time for both retailer and consumer and an obvious cost saver for the shopkeeper.

Frozen cocktails

Frozen cocktails are here to stay. Far from being a fad or a novelty, the shift towards sophisticated frozen cocktails has led to slush machines being installed in the most upmarket New York cocktail bars. We expect this trend to continue with more exotic cocktails and mixes being created. With the world’s finest mixologists now embracing the slush, we can’t wait to see what flavour combinations they come up with.

Internet of things

Imagine having an app on your phone where you could choose the perfect mix of your favourite slush flavours, tap a button and have the machine mix it up for you.

Leaving the gym and fancy an Iced Fruit slush to freshen you up? Order via your app and once you get to the store, it will recognise your phone and automatically prepare one of your five day.

Frozen coffee

Demand for frozen coffee has rocketed and we should know. Our award-winning  Frappino machines have been flying off the shelves with millennials driving the craze for our refreshing drink with a caffeine kick.

We expect this trend to continue upwards and more varieties of coffee beans and flavours to be added to the range in the future.

Eco friendly

Our machines, built by the world’s leading slush machine manufacturer, are already economical to run but we are always looking at ways to improve our eco credentials. Smart technology will allow machines to monitor usage and automatically switch to power saving mode during quieter periods. Refinement of productions processes throughout the supply chain ensure that our frozen drinks will not contribute towards global warming.

Power saving does not only save the planet, it saves money for the retailer. Cost savings added to increased demand means the already profitable slush machines have become even better value for money.

The future of slush machines has never been brighter.

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