The do’s and don’ts of selling slushies

The demand for slush continues to grow, so how can you ensure that you are doing everything you can to maximise the sales of your Snowshock slushies?

The demand for slush continues to grow, so how can you ensure that you are doing everything you can to maximise the sales of your Snowshock slushies?

Below we offer a few tips on the do’s and don’ts of selling slushies.

Always use high quality syrup

Taste matters, it is what keeps your customers returning time after time and for the highest possible sales you need the best possible taste.

Snowshock’s superior quality slush syrups are tested on focus groups of children of all ages ensuring a great tasting iced drink your customers will love.

Cheaper alternatives are a false economy as the minimal saving you make will be eaten up by the lost sales when your customers leave due to watery, tasteless slush.

Snowshock offer a great range of discounts and loyalty schemes so you may find that cheaper alternatives aren’t that cheap after all.

Offer a range of flavours

Mix it up and offer your customers a range of flavours. We all love a slushie but we don’t want to be bored with the same flavours every time. With a double or triple machine, you can offer a number of flavours at the same time and with over a dozen fantastic flavours in our classic syrup range and regular limited editions, there will always be something new to tickle your customer’s taste buds.

Regular maintenance

You can’t sell slush if your machines don’t work.

At Snowshock we only sell the most reliable machines from the global industry leading manufacturer. They come with a ten-year guarantee and regular maintenance will keep them in fine working order.

You will receive our Easy Start Guide to help you set up and run your machine and our service hotline is ready if you require any assistance. We offer cleaning schedule advice and also have a new interactive troubleshooting guide to walk you through any issues.

It’s rare, but if your machine is ever down our team of over 60 engineers will strive to get you up and running again within 48hrs.

Promote your product

You won’t sell many slushies if customers don’t know you stock them.

At Snowshock we provide a wide range of promotional material from flags and pavement signs to window graphics featuring our distinctive yeti. People like a brand they can trust and Snowshock, with our extensive range and fabulous flavour, is one they know they can rely on.

We also offer a number of cool accessories including edible straws in a range of flavours and exciting twister cups.

Don’t market for summer and children only

Don’t just aim to sell to children during the summer. Slushies are popular all year round and with our Iced  Fruit and Frozen Cocktails ranges we also appeal to the adults. Tap into the wider market and see your profits soar.

To know more about the do’s and don’ts of selling slushies and how you can maximise your profits, contact our knowledgeable and helpful team at Snowshock today.