Slush syrup wholesale

The market is booming for slush syrup in the UK. With over 100 million drinks sold annually, there’s a significant demand. Wholesalers have a unique opportunity in slush syrup wholesale, to tap into this market by offering convenience to retailers and stocking slush syrups for them.
Ensuring quality and consistency in the production standards, labelling, and traceability of slush syrup products is crucial.

Snowshock is actively inviting wholesalers to review their range and seek advice. Snowshock have a commitment to improving the overall industry standards, which can only benefit businesses and consumers alike.

If you’re considering entering this market or expanding your offerings, it’s essential to focus on not only the convenience factor but also the quality of your products.

The market in general has room for improvement according to Snowshock who say there can be large variances in production standards, labelling and traceability as well as quality and consistency. They are inviting wholesalers to review their range and talk to them if they would like help or advice.

With a brand new state of the art production facility opened in 2020, they have one of the most efficient processes in the industry. The highest standards of production and full traceability. With customers such as Unitas, Booker and Musgrave to build on, Snowshock aim to bring improvements to the wholesale market overall.

You can register your interest here and the Wholesale Channel Business Manager will soon be in touch or Phone 0330 0536132