Slush machine troubleshooting

Slush machine troubleshooting

Slush machine trouble shooting starts here. At Snowshock we have over 20 years experience troubleshooting commercial slush machines of all types and there is very little we don’t know about keeping them running.

  1. Slush machine not freezing or producing slush:

  • Check if the machine is plugged in and turned on.
  • Ensure that the power supply is functioning properly.
  • Verify that the mix is at the correct temperature and consistency.
  • Clean the condenser to improve cooling efficiency.
  • Adjust the temperature settings on the machine if necessary.
  1. Slush machine freezing too much or forming ice blocks:

  • Is the mix consistency is too thick or contains too much syrup?
  • Adjust the temperature settings on the machine to a slightly higher setting meaning it will freeze less.
  • Ensure that the mix is being properly agitated and circulated within the machine.
  1. Slush machine leaking or dripping:

  • Inspect the seals and gaskets for any damage or wear.
  • Clean the machine thoroughly, re-lubricate the seals.
  1. Slush machine motor not running or making strange noises:

  • Is the machine receiving power and properly plugged in?
  • Check if the noise is coming from the fan or the drive motors
  1. Slush machine not dispensing properly:

  • Check if the dispensing tap is clogged or blocked.
  • Adjust the viscosity or consistency of the mix if it is too thick.
  • Verify that the mix level is sufficient and not empty.

These are just a few common troubleshooting questions, and there could be other specific issues depending on the make and model of the slush machine. For more detailed guidance and assistance our support pages on our website are a valuable resource for our customers as well as our Youtube channel which has over 20 slush machine troubleshooting videos showing simple solutions and fixes as well as some of the more technical repairs.

Self help is so easy with the solutions we have, however our customers who prefer to talk to someone are looked after with a dedicated support line. In fact whatever form of communication suits our customers we have it covered. Text message, whatapp, video calling and e.mail and webchat are all their for instant assistance.

Maybe this is one of the reasons our Trustpilot score is so great?

These are some of the most common commercial slush machine troubleshooting questions:

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For years now we have only been using GBG Carpigiani commercial slush machines. Having used many different manufacturers over the years we needed a company with utmost reliability and GBG Carpigiani are just that, they rebranded in 2022 and are now known as VAir.

Need a new machine? See Snowshock commercial slush machines here. Are you unsure which model to buy? Read this guide for help.