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Slush Machine help

Need slush machine help? You’re in the right place. Whether your in North Amercia including USA, Canada and Mexico, Europe, Asia, wherever you are we can give you advice on counter top slush machines. Read on for a simple list of common problems and advice to fix them.

Most slushie machines work in the same way and suffer the same problems. A qualified refrigeration engineer should be able to diagnose and fix all of the problems here and the more technical ones

Slush paddle  (spiral / auger) not turning

This is usually a broken gearmotor and not the spirals themselves. This interative help finder explains this here.

We also have this video where you can see one being replaced. This will help you locate the part. If you need a new motor, it may be specific to the machine and not neccessarily the same as others. When comparing motors if they look identical, then they are most likely the right ones.

Slush machine is not freezing

There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • Blocked or dusty condersor – this is where the air is drwan into the machine. Locate the condensor which looks like a car radiator and check it. If it’s blocked, air cannot get into it, and it will be unable to freeze. This video shows how this is done on Snowshock slush machines or visit the support page on this problem.
  • If your problem is that just one bowl is not freezing at all out of two or three bowls on the machine, the solenoid coil is likely to be the problem. In this video you can see a solenoid coil being replaced.This will help you locate the part. If you need a new slush machine coil, then it may be specific to the machine and not neccessarily the same as others. When comparing coils if they look identical they are most likely to be the right ones.
  • If the two problems described above are not happening and none of the bowls are freezing at all. Then you will need a refrigeration engineer to diagnose the fault, as it could be a gas or compressor problem.
Slush machine leaking

If a slush machine is not maintained as prescribed by the manufacturer it WILL eventually leak. There are a number of rubber seals on slush machines designed to keep the liquid in. Rubber seals do not last forever. Food grade lubrication is needed on the majority of seals to keep them moving properly and to seal them. Seals are usually specific to the type of machine you have.

  • The  slush machine faucet / tap / outlet, will usually have a rubber seal. If it leaks – replace it.
  • The bowl usually has a rubber seal, if it is dripping from there – replace it.
  • The Paddle (spiral / auger) is often driven by a metal shaft that the paddle attached to. This is usually held in place with a seal, if that is worn liquid can travel through the small gap and leak through the machine. – replace it.

To keep slushie machine seals in good condition and to prevent leaks, lubricate them regularly, at least once per month & replace at least once a year.

It is always worthwhile getting to know everything about how to run and maintain your slush machine, which is why we provide our Easy Start and maintainence guide with our machines. To find out more about fixes and maintainence for Snowshock slush machines our support page is a good place to start.

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