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Slush machine disposal

How to dispose of a Slush machine

Our approach

Properly disposing of slush machines that contain potentially harmful components, such as refrigerants, is crucial for minimising the impact on the environment. Offering a trade-in service on old slush machines is Snowshock’s approach to encourage responsible slush machine disposal and recycling. At the same time there is a discount off the new slush machine!

How to dispose of equipment in general

Some commercial refrigeration companies offer similar schemes for the very same reason. There are also paid for services. The service shown here by Ecolamp Recycling solutions is an example. A similar service is offered by Recycling 4you. We are not recommending either of these businesses, as we have no direct experience of using them at the present time, the best approach could be checking out their reviews? Many domestic refrigeration suppliers recycle old appliances for you too, such as Which is a great example of the industry in general living up to its environmental responsibilities.

Benefits to Snowshock customers

Customers taking advantage of the trade-in service offered by Snowshock, not only ensure that their old slush machine disposal is done correctly, but also contributes to the preservation of natural resources through potential parts re-purposing. And a discount on a new machine is given too.

Regardless if its make or if its working or not Snowshock will take it off your hands and deal with it responsibly.

We will arrange and pay for collection and once its back we will credit your account with at least £50.

If you have a genuine Snowshock machine to trade it is even better! We will give you up to £400 depending on its condition.


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