Slush machine accessories

Slush accessories can enhance your slush machine by miles. So, what are the must have accessories for your slush machine?

Whether you have a slush machine or one of our award-winning Frappino iced coffee machines, you are going to want it to stand out and attract customers. You want to give customers a little bit more and that is where Snowshock’s range of accessories comes in.

So, what are the must have accessories for your slush machine?


Space is at a premium in your store and finding a spot for your slush machine could be tricky if it wasn’t for our selection of stainless-steel stands. All come with additional shelf space and lockable casters to make them easy to manoeuvre. Ideal for when you need to clean the machine or around it.

Frappino even has its very own branded stand that will make our award-winning iced coffee stand out from the crowd.


Branding is essential to make sure your Snowshock slush sales soar.

You want customers to know that you sell Snowshock slushes so why not treat yourself to a pavement sign? An eye-catching, fun sign with our trademark yeti. Who wouldn’t be tempted with the tag line “We put the lush in slush”?

Snowshock Slush POS packs are free of charge with any order, at any time. The pack has various A3 glossy slush posters, flavour labels and flavour label holders.

Cups and straws

Everyone knows that Snowshock slush tastes great, but our range of cups and straws add extra slurping fun to the slush experience. We offer cups in three sizes with optional lids, both flat and domed for the more sophisticated look. Frappino cups are clear and available in both 300ml and 440ml sizes and we also offer jumbo straws to go with the iced coffee.

We provide wall mounted pull cup dispensers to make your life easier. They are gravity-fed and top loading and are self-adjustable to accommodate different sized cups.

Why not mix the flavours to offer a real eye-catching drink in one of our novelty Twister Slush cups, or scoop out your slush with one of our slush scoopstraws?

Our latest innovation, that has really got the customers talking, is our edible straws. Available in three fantastic flavours, strawberry, lemon and lime, they add an extra dimension to the slush sensation.

Loyalty Cards

We all know that customers will want to rush back after tasting a slush but what better way to tempt them than with a loyalty card? We have them for supermarkets, petrol stations and coffee shops so why not have one for slush machines? We offer free loyalty card parks with purchases of 8 bottles of slush or any Frappino machine or product. Each pack comes with 125 cards, a stamp (yeti for slush and coffee beans for Frappino) and posters to advertise the loyalty scheme.

With a free drink after every nine purchases, the loyalty card is guaranteed to keep your customers returning time after time.

Remember that when you purchase Snowshock accessories, you also qualify for Snowshock loyalty points of your own.

Contact Snowshock today to get the must have accessories for your slush machine.