Slush for play centers

Slush for play centers is undoubtedly one of the best selling soft drinks. Also known as Slushy, Slushie and Granita the semi-frozen icy drink is a hit across the world. Wether it’s North America, Europe, Asia or South America, pretty much globally, slush is a big favourite in leisure outlets including soft play centres, trampoline parks & climbing centres.

Smiley play centre, Indianapolis USA which was voted one of the worlds best top 10 indoor playgrounds by, features slushie on its online menu where they offer multiple flavours of slushy. Leo’s Play in Sweden also features a wide range of slushie options, these are just 2 examples out of thousands worldwide.

Profit margins on slush for play centres can be very high. The profit margin is highest when the owner owns their own machine. For example Snowshock’s profit margin for this type of outlet is 84%+. Whereas the profit margins are inevitably lower when the slushy machine is provided on a program or free loan basis or rental basis. For example with a Frazil slush the profit margin is much lower that this.

There are three main options when choosing a slush for indoor play centres:

1. Buy a branded slush machine bundle, with a warranty from a specialist slush machine company.

This will get you the highest profits, support and help when you need it and immediate customer service. There is no need to be concerned about repairs and maintenance, a good machine will work for 10 years or more. Just run it properly with the guidance of your supplier. and bills for repairs should be relatively small. Snowshock slush are leaders in this field and have the perfect recipe for outlets to make the most profit.

2. Select a supplier with a program.

Companies who supply Slush for play centers on loan / rental or with a program, usually offer free maintenance and repairs as well as marketing materials and slushy syrups that are good quality, after-all it’s in their interest that it sells. This full service comes at a cost, whereas the cost of the syrups, cups and straws are inflated to cover the fairly expensive overheads such businesses have.

3. Purchase a machine from a catering equipment supplier.

This route from suppliers like WebstaurantStore will increase the profit margin depending on the quality of the machine and the slush syrup used. Make sure it comes with a warranty and that spare parts are easily available. This route will typically get you an unbranded machine which is generally less appealing to consumers. Option 1 would usually be a better choice at lower prices.

In brief:

Slushy will make great profits in play centres and option 1 will bring you the best profits. There is more information on the blog to help you with anything slush related.