Shape up your slush machine this summer

How to do you ensure that your slush machine is in top condition for the demands that the summer will throw at it? Read out top tips.

With a hot summer fast approaching, the demand for slush promises to break all records.

Whilst everyone is racing to the gym to get beach body ready in time for the sun, how to do you ensure that your slush machine is in top condition for the demands that the summer will throw at it?

Below we let you know how you can shape up your slush machine this summer.

Regular Maintenance

At Snowshock we only sell the best slush machines from the world’s leading manufacturer. Our machines come with unrivalled reliability and longevity.

They rarely go wrong, and in the unlikely event they did we have our helpful team on hand to assist. However there are a few easy steps you can take to keep your machine in fine shape and ensure the profits keep on flowing.

A full internal clean is recommended once a month. Follow your easy start guide to complete this simple task.

The outside of the machines should be wiped down regularly with mild detergent and water then buffed with a dry cloth to keep them clean and hygienic. Pay special attention to the taps as they are the part that have the most contact.


Is there a minor problem with your machine that you have been meaning to get around to? Now is the time to fix them before the summer demand starts.

We have recently introduced a handy Troubleshooting Guide with step by step instructions on how to fix minor issues.

Maybe there is a minor leak, or your machine is freezing on the outside. Is there a clicking noise you weren’t expecting or an error code you don’t understand? Whatever the issue, our guide will take you through the easy steps to fix it.

Remember, if there’s anything you can’t fix, contact our helpline and we will endeavour to have it repaired within 48 hours.

Upgrading your machine

If you want to shape up your slush machine to a bigger and better model, it couldn’t be simpler.

Whether you want a double or even a treble machine, you can order today and have the machine in your store tomorrow ready to take advantage of the sun and double or treble your profits.

With each Snowshock slush machine coming with stock to cover the price of purchase, you can’t lose.

Maybe you want to supplement your slush machine with our new Frappino iced coffee maker to cash in on the demand for great taste with a caffeine hit. Or you want to expand the variety of flavours on offer by trying our iced fruit range.

Whatever you need to shape up your slush machine this summer, the knowledgeable and helpful team at Snowshock is here to help. Give us a call today.