Pet care sales growth

Convenience stores have shown a marked increase in recent years so what is behind the pet care sales growth in convenience stores?

We’re a nation of pet lovers and a recent report from Statistica shows that we spent a staggering £4.62 Billion on pet related products in 2017. This shows a massive increase from 2005 when the figure stood at £2.55 Billion.

Convenience stores have shown a marked increase in recent years so what is behind the pet care sales growth in convenience stores?


Pets are seen as part of the family more than ever now with birthdays being celebrated, Christmas presents bought and dogs and cats receiving regular treats. We wouldn’t settle for inferior products, so we don’t see why our pets should. This has resulted in a big increase in sales of luxury products such as cat soups from Sheba and Whiskas cat casseroles.

Convenience stores are ideal for the personal treat whether it is a bar of chocolate or bottle of wine, but pet owners are feeling increasingly guilty about buying a treat for themselves without buying one for their pets.

A range of treats for pampered pets is a must have for any convenience store.

Social Media

The advent of social media has inevitably contributed to the humanisation of pets. The Cats of Instagram account has a mind blowing 9.5 million followers and many pets have their own Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profiles.

Pet birthday parties are photographed and shared and owners (or pet parents as they sometimes like to be known) are keen to let everyone know how much their dog or cat is enjoying their latest treat or luxury product.

Owners keen to follow the latest trends are flocking to convenience stores to stock up and record themselves doing so.

Healthier options

As we are more aware of our own health and healthier food options we have begun to look more closely at what we are feeding our pets. Nutrition is becoming a priority and the trend is towards natural ingredients and a balanced diet. Probiotics and a focus on various types of protein are trends that continue to grow.

Oral health is a big concern as well and products such as Pedigree’s DentaFlex cover both the health and treat markets by offering a longer lasting chew that fights the build of tartar and plaque.

Pouches versus tins

Cat food pouches have been a mainstay in the pet food market for a number of years now with recent figures showing that Felix’s pouch products outsell cans at a rate of 67 to one.

Dog food pouches are a relatively recent innovation but are really taking off, possibly driven by the increase in ownership of smaller dogs.

Pouches offer convenience, the perfect serving size for small dogs and no waste ensuring the food is always fresh.

Being able to pick up a pouch from your local store on your way home from work rather than lugging tins around has contributed to the increase in sales. Small and often purchases rather than buying in bulk have the norm for pet owners.

With millennials driving the convenience store sale increases in recent years, their desire for convenient, healthy and social media friendly products will be extended to their pets.

We can’t see any sign of the increase in pampering of our four-legged family members slowing down, so now is the ideal time to review your pet care product range in your convenience store.