Millennials falling into the gap between childhood and adulthood

We take a look at how you can market to the millennial generation in your convenience store

Millennials are, as other generations of youngsters before them, largely misunderstood. Tech savviness seen as an over reliance on gadgets and the openness to trying new experiences whether it is food or travel, leads older generations to believe that they are moving away from core values.

The traditional line in the sand between childhood and adulthood, getting on the housing ladder is becoming increasingly difficult. Millennials therefore fall into the gap that has the freedom of ambition without cynicism and this can be both a blessing and curse to those attempting to market to the millennial generation.

Tech Savvy

Whilst the older generations can master technology and gadgets, the millennial will naturally understand the latest apps and crazes and will seamlessly move onto the next one when they are bored. Marketers have caught onto the huge impact food and drink photos on Instagram can have on a brand. The trick is to understand where the millennials are heading next and arrive there with them, rather than being a couple of years behind.


Adulthood brings a certain comfort of knowing what you like and sticking to it. The millennial generation are still exploring what they enjoy and constantly seek out new experiences.

With university figures at record levels, they are not only better educated but more likely to be exposed to people of different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities than previous generations.


Youth brings a passion that is not held back by the cynicism of experience. When the millennial discovers something they enjoy, they will be relentless in spreading the word so others can share the experience.

The iced beverage market is largely driven by the millennials and brands such as Snowshock’s Frappino Iced Coffee have seen a huge spike in sales due to millennials not only enjoying the new taste experience but using their social networks to encourage others to try it.

Always on the go

Throughout mankind, there’s always been the assumption that the younger generation are lazy. This couldn’t be further from the truth with the millennial generation with them constantly being on the move. Whether it is university, work, the gym or spur of the moment social life driven by the ease of communication on social media, they are always on the go. Convenience and quality are key factors to pleasing the millennial so Frappino fits in perfectly with their active lifestyle.


Whilst marketers can encourage millennials, they are fiercely independent and don’t appreciate being told what to do. They’ve yet to migrate to the more conservative hot coffee market however they have fully embraced the iced coffee experience as it seen as something that they own and something their parents have not tried as yet. They want to be seen as the trailblazers and once the older generations have caught up they can be satisfied that their independence and open-mindedness was the driving force behind its success.

If you would like to know more about how you can help capture the lucrative market between childhood and adulthood, contact Snowshock today about getting a Frappino Iced Coffee machine in your store today.