How to trade in your slush machine

Your old slush machine is worth £400 against a new one, regardless if it’s working or not. We'll collect it at the same time we deliver your new slush machine.

How to trade in your slush machine

If you have a Snowshock slush machine you already know what a money-maker it is. With 77% profit in every cup, it will keep your tills ringing all year round.

You also know how reliable your slush machine is and with an average ten to fifteen-year life span, you’re not going to want to part with it. But what if you wish to upgrade to a bigger, more profitable machine such as our Regular Treble Slush Machine? How do you give up that old friend that has been so profitable for you?

£400 Trade in

Your old Snowshock slush machine is worth £400 against a new one, regardless if it’s working or not. We also accept slush machines that are not Snowshock models, these are worth £200, regardless of condition. We will arrange to have it collected at the same time we deliver your new slush machine and you will benefit from free delivery and collection.

Benefits of a new slush machine

Increase your sales by up to 50%! All of our top customers use 3 flavours or more. Whatsmore a bigger range of flavours will make you a destination store for Slush and increase your footfall. Order before 3pm today and your new slush machine could be in your store tomorrow. You still benefit from all the great offers that come with a new machine, including free stock equal to the value of your new machine. Our Compact Treble Slush Machine comes with £2,475 worth of stock. By upgrading your slush machine, you have the opportunity to have more fantastic flavours on the go at one time.

Have a look at our extensive Slush Syrup range to see what combinations you can have. Why not try a retro classic like Cola, along with the ever popular Bubblegum and our limited-edition Raspberry Lemonade? There’s a taste for everyone.

World leading manufacturer

Snowshock only stock the very best slush machines from Carpiagine (Carpigiani), the world leading manufacturer for over six decades, so you know that you are buying a reliable machine that will last for years.  Whilst it’s rare, if your machine is ever down our team of over sixty engineers will strive to get you up and running again within 48hrs. You will receive our Easy Start Guide to help you set up and run your slush machine and our service hotline is ready if you require any assistance.

Reliability and longevity have been the cornerstone of Capriagine’s and Snowshock’s business and it can continue to be part of yours.

We still supply many of our very first customers from when Snowshock started in 2003 and they have benefited from upgrading when the time is right. Nobody likes saying goodbye but there’s no better time to trade in your old slush machine. If you can bear to part with it, contact our helpful Snowshock team today on 0330 053 6132 and you could have a shiny new, reliable friend in your store tomorrow.