How profitable is slush?

A slush machine isn't something you invest in lightly. Let's take a look at how profitable slush is to your business.


A slush machine isn’t something you invest in lightly. You know Snowshock slush is delicious, and that it will please your customers. However, as a business owner, the most important thing to think about is profit. Let’s take a look at how profitable slush is to your business.


Let’s get straight to the numbers. Our slush machines will make you an average of over 84% gross profit. For example, a regular slush drink costs 23p to make, but can be sold for £1.50 – making you a profit of £1.27 per cup!

We also provide other means of hiking that profit up even further with our cups, straws and accessories. Our popular reusable twister yard cups make 70% profit per cup and are a hit with kids. We’re always creating new, profit-making products, so don’t forget to take a look at our cups, straws and accessories pages when you’re on the website.


Not all slush is the same – and Snowshock slush syrup is designed to be both profitable and delicious. You can’t sell a poorly tasting slush, no matter how hard you try, which is why all our syrups are tested on focus groups to ensure they taste great!

We know there are cheaper slush syrups out there, but let’s look at the facts. Saving £ on a bottle of cheap slush equates to around ONE PENCE saving per cup, but if your customers don’t like it you are very quickly out of pocket! Spending less money on cheaper slush doesn’t mean you take home more profit!

Snowshock MACHINES

Did you know that a Snowshock machine makes profit faster than any other slush machine? How? We provide free stock to the value of your machine to cover your outlay! We offer this with every machine you purchase with us, so if ever you decide an upgrade, you can cover your costs again with free stock.
We also provide next day delivery, so you can start selling slush tomorrow. Our faster freeze feature on select machines will freeze your slush 50% quicker than a standard slush machine, saving you time and more importantly, money!


Nothing kills profit like a machine that won’t start! We provide a 12 month warranty with all of our machines, along with flexible payment options. Our service hotline is available should you have any problems, and the unlikely event that your machine should break, we have a team of 60 engineers ready to get you back up and running (and making money) within 48 hours.

With regular money saving offers, free point of sale materials and new syrups and accessories available, Snowshock has proven itself to the best tasting slush – and the best choice for business owners. Check out our slush machines now to find the right one for your business.