How much profit can I make from a slush machine?

Buying a slush machine for your store is an investment worth considering. Snowshock pride ourselves on quality machines and offer the industry's only lifetime warranty.

How much profit can I make from a slush machine?

Buying a slush machine for your store is certainly an investment worth considering. Here at Snowshock we pride ourselves on the quality of our machines and service. Our supplier, Carpigiani, are the leading manufacturer in their field making machines with unparalleled reliability and longevity. A machine will typically last 10-15 years and during that time you have our full support.

Our slush machines make serious profits!

  • £5,000 per year average
  • £60,000 over 12 years
  • £2,000+ in first 6 weeks

Our outstanding slush machines are built to last with the potential to earn you an impressive £60K+ in profit over 12 years. If that’s not enough we give you free stock with every purchase to cover the cost of your machine and exceptional aftercare support.

We recommend a retail price of £1.25 per regular cup of Snowshock Slush, which works out as a profit of 77% in every cup.

What kind of Slush Machine should I buy?

Snowshock slush machines come in a variety of sizes to suit the space you have allocated. Often a store will start with a regular single slush machine but once they see the appeal of the machine and analyse profits, a client may look to upgrade to a multiple tank slush machine. Of course, it depends on how much space you can allocate. Stores near a school often choose the twin or multi tank machine as they already understand the appeal it will have to their customers. If counter space is already at a premium, we offer a display stand for the tank with shelves below for cups and straws. This is a great way to offer self-service slush where kids, particularly, like to pour and mix their own drinks.

Single or Multiple Slush Machine?

Our most popular choice is the regular twin slush machine. With a twin 12L tank and 240 cups per hour output, it is perfect for medium to high volume outlets. The regular single slush machine is only 27cm wide so is a perfect choice for those low on space. The Compact Twin and Compact Treble are also popular choice machine for space saving. The 6L tanks can churn out 60 cups of slush each per hour, the compact is perfect for high turnover outlets while also offering great visual impact.

Free Stock means Fast Profits

We pride ourselves on being customer-focused. To help get you started, our machines come with free stock to the value of your machine, which helps you start making profit straight away.

When will I see a return on my investment?

You should except to see immediate profit from your Snowshock slush machine, averaging at £2,000+ in the first 6 weeks.

What if I can’t afford the initial set-up costs?

Snowshock offer affordable payment options to suit our customer needs. You can choose to pay over two or five monthly payments. Call our experts who can talk you through the options on 0330 053 6132.