Hottest Slush Flavours 2024

Hottest Slush Flavours 2024

What are the most popular slushie flavours in 2024?

Great tasting slushies has never been more in demand. What sells best and what’s new?

Our rundown of 2024’s hottest slush flavours.

Timeless Favorites

Since its inception, Blue Raspberry slush has held a special place in everyone’s hearts. That sentiment isn’t changing anytime soon – which is why Snowshock’s flagship flavour remains as fabulous as ever.

Following closely behind is Strawberry slush, a perennial favorite that seems to withstand the test of time. Despite strawberries not being the most popular choice in soft drinks, our slush version just clicks.

These two flavours are the cornerstones of any slush brand, and they must be exceptional. Just being good enough won’t cut it! But what about the third spot?

Sour Apple slush is a relatively recent addition, yet it skyrocketed to the number three position the very month it debuted. No other flavour has experienced such a meteoric rise to stardom. It emerged in response to the trend in sour confectionery flavours, and apple turned out to be the perfect match.

Emerging Stars

But hold onto your hats because there’s a newcomer stealing the spotlight in 2024! Snowshock has unveiled their remarkable Apple & Mango slush, and it’s poised to dazzle us all. Picture the perfect fusion of fresh red and green apple flavors seamlessly blended with ripe, sweet, and juicy mango, all swirled together with ice! To us, it’s the epitome of true refreshment, and we anticipate it claiming a top spot in the slush charts. It’s hardly surprising it’s a top seller for Britvic J2O, and it’s even more delightful as a slush!

A couple of years back, Snowshock introduced the classic Real Lemonade flavour slush, and it’s become a beloved favourite. It’s no wonder; sweet, tangy, and comforting, it’s a taste sensation like no other. Additionally, Snowshock has poured a considerable amount of effort into perfecting their Classic Cola slush , and OMG its really good, even better than the ‘real thing’!

So, there you have it, six undeniable hits for 2024 that slushie sellers can’t afford to miss out on, and that slushie enthusiasts absolutely must seek out, but remember if it’s not Snowshock Slush, its not gona be that good!

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