Glycerol in Slush Drinks

FSA guidelines regarding glycerol in slush drinks.

Glycerol in slush drinks today. Historically slush drinks have been made with sugar to sweeten the drink and to create the right slush consistency. More recently, along with most of the soft drinks industry slush manufactures have been adjusting to consumers preferences with lower or sugar free versions.

When the Sugar Tax (SDIL) came into force, slush brands needed to adopt low or sugar free recipes. This is because the tax element of the final price for a bottle of slush syrup would push the prices up beyond that which the market is willing to pay.

To create the right consistency of slush the ingredient used to replace the effect of sugar is glycerol.

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Glycerol is a foodstuff that has been added to food and drink for many years and is deemed safe as a food additive.

New Food Standards Agency Guidelines

Snowshock have adopted the FSA’s guidelines, which were introduced in 2023.

The guidelines have been provided by the FSA due to a very small number of children 4 years of age and under, having consumed a generous amount of slush, went on to suffer ill effects.

Professor Robin May the Chief Scientific Advisor of the FCA said on ITV – 13.02.24: “It’s important to keep this in proportion. In the UK there are about fifty (50) million slushy drinks sold per year and the FSA are aware of five (5) cases over the last three (3) years. So it is still a very very rare side effect.”

The guidelines say the following:

  • Slush drinks containing glycerol are not recommended for children 4 years of age and under.
  • The business model of free refills is not recommended in venues where children under 10 years of age will consume them.

Snowshock slush

Snowshock slush contains the minimum quantity of glycerol technically necessary to achieve the right slush consistency and is well within the FSA’s recommendations. It is imperative that only genuine Snowshock slush syrup is used in your slush machine. It is equally important to mix the slush 5 parts water to 1 part syrup.

Snowshock only use the highest grade of vegetable derived (vegan) glycerol available. Our factory operates to the highest quality standards, with full batch traceability, we urge you not to take chances with other suppliers.

Recommendations for Retailers

The FSA guidelines ask Retailers to have a written warning visible at point of sale.

You can get stickers to apply to your machine or somewhere else prominent from Snowshock with our free POS pack here.

All new customers will be supplied with this as part of their free POS Pack

Or contact us if you would like to request them by post.