The Rise of Frozen Drinks in the UK

Find out more about how you can become part of the iced d

Iced drinks are the latest must have high street product on the market. Heavy promotion by the leading fast food chains and coffee outlets are increasing demand daily.

We don’t have to let them make all the profit; what’s more our new iced drinks brand Frappino drinks give you the edge. Our products are ready to serve, with little preparation, meaning customers are served quickly.

All of the sublime iced drinks flavours come from real coffee, real cocoa or real fruit, no artificials.

We are experts in the slush and frozen drinks industry and support retailers (both large and small) on a national basis.

Join the iced drink and slush revolution with Frappino – our products pay for themselves!

If you buy your Frappino iced drinks machine or Frappino iced drink supplies from Snowshock, we can offer you complete peace of mind, guaranteed return on investment as well as free next day delivery.

We also provide you an option of up to 6 months to pay for your product.

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