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Frozen Drink Machine Syrup – Margarita Mocktail 5ltr

Anyone for a pitcher of margaritas? Mix our Margarita Mocktail frozen drink machine syrup with the classic tequila and triple sec for an authentic, chilly cocktail classic. Why not serve up with a salt-rim cocktail glass and slice of lime for that real wow factor? Each 5-litre bottle can make 110 regular 300ml slush drinks, delivering immediate profits.

Our Frozen Drink Machine Syrup Quantities

Any 4 syrups qualify for free delivery.


There are two ways to make your frozen slush cocktail: you can either add the alcohol into the slush machine along with the slush mix so it’s ready to pour, or you can just use the slush machine to make the non-alcoholic slush. Once you have served it into a glass, pour over your chosen spirit. Add fruit juices or purees to make a wide range of amazing tasty frozen cocktails. You could even shop our fizzy slush machine range and add a fizzy twist to your cocktails!

Mix and match – Purchase any slush syrups in multiples of four to qualify for free delivery