The Fros© slushie

Adult slushes are having a moment in the spotlight with the trend looking to take over this summer – the Frosé slushie, a delicious rosé wine slushie.

The Frosé slushie – frozen rosé wine

Adult slushes are having a moment in the spotlight with the trend looking to take over this summer – the Frosé slushie, a delicious rosé wine slushie.

What is it?

Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like – a frozen rosé wine. Frozen, then blended into slush before being served to anyone keen to try this new Frosé slush offering. It hasn’t been on the scene for very long, yet it is taking clubs, bars and holiday resorts by storm.

Where can I get one?

You can grab a frosé slushie in London or New York should you be in the area any time soon. Apparently Disneyland are looking into selling frosé slushie to capitalise on its popularity – so they might be next. Keep a look out, it’s getting more and more popular by the day. Come summer, you might be able to get a frosé slushie in a bar near you.

Where did it come from?

It was reportedly invented by a Justin Sievers at New York’s bar Primi – but has managed to catch on quickly outside the states. Some bars are claiming that it’s their most popular drink, and with a dash of lemon, sugar and a strawberry or two, you can make it even better.

What makes it so popular?

As well as being tasty, the frosé slushie is also very attractive to look at and absolutely Instagram-friendly. And, as always, slush of all kinds always manages to invoke a sense of nostalgia in any adult – which is why Snowshock remains popular with as many adults as it does children!

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