Slush Frequently Asked Questions

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Read our Frequently Asked Questions. Here at Snowshock we want to ensure that you are receiving the best possible advice when it comes to your slush machine purchase. We have gathered up all the frequently ask questions our buyers ask us to help you in your purchase.

Peter Campbell, CEO of Snowshock, gives his answers:-

Do your slush machines come with instructions? Is the slush machine easy to use?

When your machine is delivered we provide you with our own Easy Start Guide, follow this and you can’t go wrong. You will be up and running in around 15 minutes. You also get the manufacturer’s manual.

I own a small local shop. I don’t have much counter space. Which slush machine would you recommend for my shop?

The Compact Double is the most popular choice when space is short.

Per square foot this will probably make you more money than anything else in your shop, so it’s worth making space and even having a 3 Tank machine if possible.

Did you know Tesco make on average £300 profit per square foot per year? Snowshock’s takings are often £4,000 – £5,000 or more per square foot per year!

Once I have the slush machine where can I order extra slush syrups, slush cups, slush lids etc.…?

We supply everything you need via either our online store or by phone. Just phone before 2:30pm for next working day delivery – delivery is free!

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, we offer instalments to make your investment in slush easy on your cash flow.

It’s great because all of the free slush will be delivered once you’ve paid your deposit and will be selling. The stock usually sells within 6 weeks, so you’ll most likely have the money in from the stock to cover your instalments.

I am thinking of buying one of your slush machines. What is your advice for promoting this new product with my customers?

Give it a good location in your shop and it will sell, sell, sell. The machine looks great, clean it once a month and it always will. We’ll send you a full Point Of Sale pack including, posters, flavour labels, vinyl’s etc.

You can also add a pavement sign to your order.

Which flavours of slush syrup retail best?

Traditional favourites are Blue raspberry and Strawberry, they have been favourites since the 1980’s and still sell the best. However the new kids on the block are Sour Apple and Sour Cherry, these fantastic flavours follow the trend of sour being a kids’ favourite.